You’ve probably heard this word utilized in Christian circles used to describe various types of mentorship programs.  Although there might be some basic consensus on what the word means, there remains a wide variety of interpretations on how to go about doing it.  Jesus said “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:31, 32)  Many often quote the end of verse 32, simply stating “the truth shall make you free,” without acknowledging the entire progression.  Jesus started by indicating that we had to continue in His Word.  If we continue to do this, we become His disciples.  Those that are disciples of the Master come to the place of “knowing the Truth.”  And finally it is the Truth that is known that makes us free.  Notice that becoming a disciple is necessary for that freedom to become a reality; it goes beyond the “quick fix” and clichéd responses that many have come to expect when receiving or ministering to others.  In other words, this is a process that involves TIME!  So…what is a disciple?  Some definitions include taught or trained one; a learner.  For a person to be “trained” requires discipline.  Literally s/he becomes a “disciplined one.”  This is not an automatic process; it requires a marriage of theory and intense hands-on application.  By the grace of God, we have been providing this opportunity for those that qualify.  What are the qualifications to become a disciple of Jesus?  Breathe in your body!  This is available to those that – in their hearts – want to go further and deeper with the Lord.  The Spirit of God will lead us to invite those that want to both receive and give more.  Some come to our house on a daily or weekly basis.  Others live with us.  We have made ourselves available to be followed wherever we go and to do whatever we do.  All get to see the reality of the successful Christian life.  They have witnessed both the humanity and the divinity - the mistakes and the godly responses and correction of the same.  We have had both the pleasure and challenge of discipling different age groups, different nationalities and different personalities simultaneously!  Jesus said to “Go… and teach all nations.”  We have begun this by having the different nations in our home.  Our prayer is that you will be inspired and encouraged to step out on this as we have done. 


Praise the Lord for bringing Apostles Puredi and Ruth into my life. They have been such a big part of my life since I started attending Shiloh Tabernacle in 2009. When I was given the opportunity to be disciple by them I was overjoyed and ecstatic. I even cried when Apostle Ruth asked me, it was a time and moment in my life that I will never forget. Being disciple wasn’t easy, but I learned so much more about God and who he really is. Being a Christian all my life I thought I knew everything there was, but I was wrong. I grew in my love walk with him and experienced things I never had before with God. If it wasn’t for the Apostles and their patience with me, I wouldn’t have the necessary foundation it takes to be sold out for Jesus in this world. For that I will always be grateful to them. The first day of my discipleship a most extraordinary thing happened to me. Even though I had been a Christian all my life, I didn’t have the gift of speaking in tongues. Apostle Ruth always prayed for me that I would be filled with the Holy Ghost but it just never happened. I was thinking too much of what to say and trying to wrap my mind around what I was doing that I never let God take control, until that day.

I was getting ready to leave and Apostle Ruth and Pastor Jessica wanted to pray for me. As they were praying the holy language started to flow from my mouth. It wasn’t me anymore I knew that God was doing a work and blessing me with this gift. As I was speaking I was slain and all of a sudden things got very quiet. While I was lying down the Lord gave me a vision of gold. It was so beautiful, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! I didn’t want to get up from this vision he gave me. I wanted to stay there in his presence forever. I’m not sure how long I was out for but when I finally got up, I was so drunk in the spirit! I could barely walk, I had to sit down and rest for a bit. I told Apostle Ruth,” let’s do that again!” she asked me,” are you going to be able to drive?!” I was fine to drive, I just wanted his glory to never leave me and experience it again. As I drove home that day I remember thinking my life will never be the same. The Lord blessed me with speaking in tongues and a vision. I had so much joy in my heart and peace, it was an amazing experience and I knew God was going to use me for great things in the ministry of Shiloh Tabernacle. As I continued in my 21 day discipleship, I learned how to pray in a way I never had before.

Praying is an important part of our walk with God so we better know how to do it! Apostle Ruth taught me that prayer is finding your secret place with God. A place where you can go and talk to him and reverence him, be filled up to the fullest. Finding time to pray was always hard for me because up until I was being disciple I worked and had two kids to take care of. The Lord blessed me by being able to quit my job so I could serve him to the fullest. After I realized what an essential part prayer is in my relationship with God, I started doing it more and more. Now I pray every chance I get because I know prayer keeps me close with God and it’s the time I have to talk to him as if he was sitting right next to me. I started to serve more than ever before because I am a servant of God. Apostle Ruth always says,” If God can’t trust you with the little things, how can he trust you with the big things.” That always stuck with me because I want God to trust me with big things so I have to take responsibility for the little things. I started teaching more in the children’s ministry which was awesome. Seeing how mightily God is using the children of Shiloh is a true blessing. Serving in the kitchen ministry as well is a blessing; we always have an abundance of food. Helping out at the altar is awesome. Seeing people get delivered and being broken is amazing to see God working. Being a servant of the most high is an honor and privilege, I am thankful that our Apostles teach us how important it is to serve.

Apostle Ruth also started letting me pray for people as the Lord was stirring up more gifts of discernment and word of knowledge. I thank God for Apostle because she wants us to grow and do more things than what she has done. She always pushes us to further beyond what we can ever think. I never imagined God using me to pray for people or giving a word of knowledge. I remember one time I was praying over a girl in our church and the Lord spoke through me telling her that she is beautiful inside and out, and he only wanted her to please him and not man. She broke and was crying, it’s a blessing that God chose to speak through me for her. Praise God for using me in a mighty way for his glory! Discipleship was an amazing experience for me. I was able to get closer to God and really know what it means to have a relationship with the lover of my soul. God has blessed me beyond measure with my husband and two beautiful girls. He has restored relationships in family that I thought could never be mended, he has brought me to another level of intimacy with him. If it wasn’t for my Apostles guiding me in the right direction I don’t know where I would be. To have Apostles that want to know how you are and are concerned with my life is something I never experienced until I came to Shiloh. They are a blessing in my life and I am so thankful for all the time they spent with me, when they could have been doing a million other things. I learned so much and grew so much spiritually while being disciple and now have the foundation to be a strong confident child of God in this world.

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