Words from the Lord
February 17, 2014
Words from the Lord for Shiloh Tabernacle Church From Missionaries in Europe


- Anointed Church.
- Visionary Pastors.
- Rapidly expanding ministry.
- Time for spiritual and physical growth.
- Speak loudly and clearly. The world will be listening.


- Shiloh is a congregation on the move.
- There will be quite a change in the ministry in the coming days.
- Increase. The increase you have been looking for is coming. Prayers are being answered.
- Pastors Puredi and Ruth have big expectations and therefore they are getting big answers.
- Expect to see miracles.
- Amazing testimonies—almost hard to believe.
- Extraordinary and amazing ministry will be accomplished through the pastors and through those who attend Shiloh.
- Your name will become well known. You will be talked about.
- People will say you are of God. You are movers and shakers and when you pray, things happen.
- Continue to think big even as things begin to break loose.
- More and more breakthroughs will happen.
- Just when you think nothing more will take place because so much is already happening, doors will open for new opportunities in other areas.
- Buildings and growth. Amazing growth. Supernatural growth. Exponential.
- Pray more people will hunger for God and seek Him out.
- There will be a tidal wave, a Holy Spirit tidal wave coming to Shiloh. Almost overwhelming with everything happening at once.
- A flood of people will come. Seekers—those who are desperate, the needy, the hungry. Also, those who don’t know why they are there, but come anyway. They will be led to Shiloh by the Spirit; they will repent, get baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit and will go out and lead more people to Shiloh. Just amazing.
- If you want more excitement and want to see what God can do in your life, in the life of your family and in the lives of others, even the hard cases, keep coming to Shiloh.
- Expect the unexpected.
- Expect joy. Expect the Lord to show up, bless you, deliver those who need deliverance and save the unsaved.
- Miracle services.

February 10, 2014
Regarding Apostles Puredi and Ruth...

- Genuine.
- The real thing.
- Honest and sincere.
- You know the value of the walk with the Lord.
- You are a treasure.
- You’re storing up treasures in heaven for yourselves.
- You exemplify Christ-like behavior and attract people to you like bees are attracted to honey.
- You are at the start of an amazing journey.
- A storehouse of wealth will be released in short order.
- The time has come for your new start, new church, new ministry, new freedom.
- Release of land. Property for sale will be signed over to you.

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