Drake Madkin meet the apostles & pastors...
Apostle Puredi HillaryDrake Madkin

Drake was born on July 5,1993 in Rancho Cucamonga. At birth, Drake’s father Darren dedicated Drake’s life to God so that he would be used to do unbelievable and great things for God. As soon as Drake was able to speak, he was preaching about the blood and power of Jesus and praying that the fire of God would rain down on the people of the world. At age 3, he asked the Lord to fill him with the Holy Spirit.

At age 13 while walking to his class in Jr. High School, Drake heard the audible voice of God, confirming to him he would one day be an exuberant pastor of the gospel. At age 19, Drake was so hungry for a deeper and more intimate relationship with God that he prayed for a body of believers that had a desire for a relationship with God like he wanted. On Friday, June 1, 2013, that prayer was answered. Through the invitation of his uncle, Drake went to Shiloh Tabernacle Church and met Apostles Puredi and Ruth Hillary, and the entire Shiloh Tabernacle family. Apostles Puredi & Ruth told him everything about his life through a word of knowledge & word of wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

Since joining the church, Drake has been growing exceptionally by leaps and bounds in his walk with Christ and his spiritual maturity. On his 21st birthday Drake had several friends that had planned in high school to take him to Vegas and party. Instead, he went to play keyboard at a youth service. In 2015 Drake wanted to dedicate everything he had to God, so he left everything he had, including his comforts in life and college for a career, to be discipled by Apostles Puredi and Ruth. He is enjoying this discipleship & gets so filled with the joy of the Lord, that he can hardly contain himself because of the goodness, presence & glory of God.


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