Pastor Geny Santa Ana Pastor Geny Santa Ana
Pastor Geny was born in Mexico City, 1968. She is the youngest of nine siblings with four brothers and five sisters. She came to this country following her mom with her husband and a six month old son in 1987. Her mother came to visit a family member and ended up working and taking care of four children. The lady of the house was kind enough to give them housing in exchange for working in their catering trucks. Soon her husband left to New York to look for a better job, but with no success. He came back to California and took the baby back to Mexico. She followed him soon after. She stayed in Mexico for a year had her second baby boy in 1989 and came back to America again.

With two boys, Johnny and Joshua, and divorced from her husband at 22 years old, her life became very difficult. She started working as a waitress and had to work two jobs. Working two jobs did not allow her to spend much time with her children. Because she did not have Jesus then it was very tough pursuing her dream of having money, house and love. All she ended up with was trouble. She thanked God that He did not give up on her! With the way she lived her life before, you would never think she could ever be used by God.

October 1998, she met my husband to be, Sonny. When she bought a car at the dealership, Sonny, planted a seed of Jesus in her heart and they became good friends. December 2004, she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. February 2005, they finally got married. She was going thru very hard times with her two teenagers. She cried out to God every day for a miracle and soon the Lord heard her cry. God directed her to a bible study and God answered with fire and power. He answered her prayers to heal her son and break the generational curse over them! It was then she desired for more of God's amazing and powerful touch. Hallelujah! Pastor Puredi and Pastor Ruth became her new pastors in 2005 and had witnessed how they are continually being used mightily by God. As she continues to attend Shiloh Tabernacle Church, God continues to transform and touch every aspect of her life especially her heart, family and health. Now God has blessed her with two more beautiful children, Jordan and Leilani.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve the Most High with people that have the same passion to serve God with excellence and love. God leading her to Shiloh Tabernacle Church is a blessing for herself and her family. She is looking forward to the day that she and her family will be with the Lord forever, worshiping and praising Him for eternity.

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