Pastor Richard DuranPastor Ruth Hillary

Pastor Ruth Hillary was born in Quezon City, Philippines and graduated as a Doctor of Medicine.  She came to the USA in September of 1991 to pursue her medical career but God had a different plan (Jeremiah 29:11).  She was born again on Nov. 14, 1991 and got baptized in the Holy Spirit 2 days later.  God has given her the gifts of the Holy Spirit and has allowed her to flow in them, especially in the prophetic, healing and deliverance ministry.  She went through Ministerial Internship Program and School of Leadership Development in a well known denomination from 1995-2000.  She started serving in every aspect of the ministry, especially in the children and youth soon after she got saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit, however she finally accepted the call to preach on March 1, 1998 and has been preaching since then by God’s grace.  

She has been married to Pastor Puredi Hillary for 19.5 years.  They have one son (Bren who is married to Anna) and many spiritual children.  Pastor Ruth has been co-pastoring with her husband at Shiloh Tabernacle Church in Rancho Cucamonga for over 10.5 years.  Both she and her husband have ministered outside of the country and on various Indian reservations.  God has allowed them to establish daughter/sister churches in Arizona and New Mexico.  God has worked miracles through their hands such as raisings from the dead, healings from various diseases such as cancer, aids, diabetes, hypertension, MS, west nile virus, infertility, etc.  People have even received new body organs (new heart, new liver, restored eyesight, etc.).  Besides this, multitudes have been set free from bondages and addictions.  She herself is a recipient of God’s healing and delivering power.  She has been healed (without a doctor’s help) of asthma, heart disease, severe migraine, traumatic arthritis, back pain, and poor eyesight.  

Pastor Ruth believes in powerful, uninhibited praise and worship and bringing the body of Christ together in true unity.  One of her visions is a deep, true, creative, global, evangelization, through radical agape love, and discipling the Body of Christ in a powerful, victorious, consistent daily walk with Jesus Christ.  God has opened a door in media (TV) for daily programming, which is a fulfillment of one of God’s promises in their lives.  God has gifted her in media/arts/entertainment (acting, singing, dancing and modeling, with a strong directorial leadership).  

Pastor Ruth has a childlike wonderment that allows her to connect with and minister to all age groups, especially children.  They all want to be with her all the time.  She is “Momma Ruth” to many.  Her big heart of love and compassion breaks every barrier and enables her to go deep in ministering to those who God brings that are deeply in bondage, addiction and demonic oppression/possession.  She operates in the 5 fold ministry, but especially in the prophetic - God has placed her in the office of the prophet.  God uses her to exhort, confirm, encourage, rebuke, correct and warn - she is bold in doing so, but all is done in Love.  God has given her the gift of faith that she can believe for everything (the most craziest impossible things that one can think of).

God called her and her husband to full time ministry on July 21, 2009, and since then they have been totally living by faith.  God has proved faithful and continues to meet their needs.  Intimacy with the Lord has been the key ingredient to the radical permanent continuous transformation (from glory to glory) of Pastor Ruth’s life.  God has allowed her to have a glimpse of Heaven and Hell, and she has heard the audible voice of God, which has given her the urgency to share the Gospel and the love of God with everyone she encounters.  She strongly believes that an unprecedented outbreak of God’s glory has begun and will continue to intensify over the next two years.  God is gathering the remnant (Eagles) supernaturally by His Spirit.  She, her husband, and the rest of Shiloh Tabernacle Church are grateful to be a part of this end-time outpouring/move that He promised in His Word!  Praise the Lord!

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