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As a young child growing up in the coal mine region of Western Kentucky, going to church 3 times a week was normal for Shane and his family. Shane was brought up in the Assemblies of God Church where He had his first personal encounter with Jesus while attending a Power Team event at the age of 7.  Although he was raised in the church since birth, this was the moment where Jesus became personally real to him.  At that altar, laced with never-ending tears, his heart was instantly changed and given to Jesus. Little did he know that this altar would soon be his home away from home where he found himself every service giving God everything only to pick it back up as he left.  Shane received the baptism of the Holy Spirit while attending a youth camp when He was 11.  By the age of 12, having personal experiences and encounters with God were a daily occurrence, but what was missing in his life was the lack of mentorship and godly character.  Learning to walk as a child of God outside of church grew more difficult the older he became and his relationship with God became more tainted as the things of world began to sneak in and take over his life.

By the age of 15, a lifestyle of sin had taken full effect and God became the one to call on when needing rescued from costly mistakes rather than help keeping him from making them. Soon before his 15th birthday, after failing his freshman year twice and addicted to meth, Shane was put into state custody.  For the next three years, he found himself through seven high schools, 3 group homes, 2 foster homes, and incarcerated 17 times.  While in state custody, Shane grew closer to God but the moment freedom was given God was soon forgotten.  A life of shame and guilt haunted his life as the lack of discipleship was clearly evident and missing the mark was all he seemed to do best. 

After finding himself at God’s feet everyday only to go right back to the very things he was asking forgiveness for, he turned back to drugs. By his 19th birthday, he was addicted to meth and ecstasy leaving him homeless and suicidal.  His mother was living in Germany and reached out to Shane asking him to move there. Not thinking twice about the move and adventure, he left right away.  Upon arriving in Germany, Shane found himself back in the trap of drugs and partying.  Shane’s mother tried everything to help him, but the war he was fighting was with the demons inside him wanting to take his life and stop the call of God from being fulfilled in his life. 

After living with his mother 6 months, she moved to Portugal leaving Shane, by his request, alone in Germany.  This was the darkest time for Shane, as God was completely forgotten about, and the life of the prodigal was in full manifest.  After a year in Germany, Shane found himself homeless, hungry, depressed, and broke thousands of miles from any family or friends.  After two days of wrestling with the decision to live any longer, he made the final decision that day to end his life.  After saying his farewells to the people he knew there in that courtyard, He turned to get in his car.  Suddenly a a voice from a woman brought a halt to his plan when the words, “Jesus loves you, Shane” resonated from her German accent.  Upon turning around, he pridefully told her how he knows Jesus and the Bible and how he grew up in church and continued in an angry rant when the words resonated from her mouth again, “Shane, Jesus love you.” 

Becoming angry and upset, Shane began to rant some more before making the statement to her, “I’m too far for you or Jesus to help me now.”  After saying that statement, that German woman looked him in the eye and said to him the third time, “Shane, Jesus loves you!”  Immediately dropping to his knees, he encountered the love of God as tears vigorously ran down his face.  In the middle of a village, in that small town in Germany, minutes from ending his life, Jesus rescued him when he thought he was too far to be rescued.  In that courtyard, years of pain, shame, guilt, anger, frustration, addiction, rejection, hopelessness left him the moment God’s love was received.  That moment changed Shane forever and his ministry since then comes from that simple truth, “Jesus loves you.”  He spent the next year in Germany being discipled and growing in the grace and truth of God under a Church of God of Prophecy pastor Clayton Endecott.  The time had come to move back to America in 2007, and with great fear and hesitancy, Shane came back to Kentucky.  He spent the next 5 years letting God mold him and shape him, but the need and desire to be discipled grew more and more with every passing day. 

Every ministry he would be a part of and serve never took time to help him develop and grow in godly character leaving him frustrated and undisciplined looking only to use him for his giftings.  Shane began to explore music after seeing a vision from the Lord and sought it out as a career. After learning to play guitar, Shane moved to Nashville to pursue his dreams of being in the lights as a country music star.  While there living downtown, he connected with big shots in the music scene and they began to groom him for a large record label.  While walking downtown one afternoon an audible voice spoke to Shane saying, “If Satan can give you all this, how much more can I give you if you’ll trust me?”  Shane began to weep bitterly as the reality hit him that he would have to lay everything down knowing without a doubt the Lord just spoke.  After 8 hours of crying and battling the decision he knew he had to make, he went to the record executives and told them he would have to leave and give everything up.  They told him he was crazy and the opportunity he would be giving up would never ever be given back to him nor will he be welcomed in the music scene at all. 

Leaving the very next day, he made it back to Kentucky awaiting the next assignment.  At a home church he met an evangelist from Liberia that took him under his wing and began to disciple him in the power of God and spiritual warfare and really taught him how to pray, praying sometimes for hours at a time.  The opportunity finally came to leave Kentucky and go into full-time ministry, consisting of revivals with the African evangelist for 5 months around New York City and one month in Phoenix, Arizona.  Shane was a month from leaving to move to Monrovia, Liberia, when the Holy Spirit redirected his steps moving him to Las Vegas, Nevada.  He spent the next 17 months leading worship throughout the city and growing in the grace of God through numerous mistakes and shortcomings. 

Shane’s continued desire for a godly family and pastoral leadership left him dissatisfied and discontent.  Knowing there has to be more to this godly life than the life he was living, he sought the face of God numerous times for direction.  With a hunger for more of God and desire to have the character of Jesus, he followed the voice of the Lord to Southern California.  In May of 2013, Shane moved to Monrovia, California with little money and a whole lot of faith and determination to find what God had promised him, a family of God.  While attending a meeting in Aliso Viejo, Shane stumbled upon the Apostle’s a second time since his stay in California confirming that God was up to something through this divine connection.  The first time was at TBN during a live taping of Praise the Lord, when Apostle Ruth prophesied that Shane would be doing things in Hollywood, which has since come to past.  After visiting their church, Shiloh Tabernacle, in Rancho Cucamonga, all it took was that first visit to know that this was the church God was directing him to, and more importantly an answer to his prayer to have a real family of God.  Soon after his first visit to the church, Shane moved in with the Apostles and was welcomed into the family as one of their very own. 

Although this was truly a long awaited answered prayer, this transition was not easy for him.  After years of functioning as a “lone ranger” in Christ, he had to now learn how to function as a body.  The real character growth had just begun for Shane and there was no turning back.  After years and years of wanting and yearning for this kind of love and servanthood, now that it arrived it was hard to receive and submit to.  The first year was one of great struggles.  The biggest struggle for Shane during this time was yielding and submitting to those God put over him to help him and disciple him.  After a few months into his stay at the Apostle’s home, Shane packed his bags and felt it would be better on his own only later to find out that was one of the worst decisions ever made.  His identity quickly shifted from man of God to music artist.  In a bar in Orange County, Shane got a job as bar manager and performed numerous nights there as the house musician only to find himself empty, lonely, and condemned.  Finally, after months of running from the call of God, an audible voice woke him up and said “If you don’t change your ways you’ll die!” 

Thinking he had it made and that he could do it on his own, he quickly realize he is nothing without God and without his family.  That Sunday, as Shane was sleeping, another voice woke him up that said “Get to church!!”  With no gas money, he got in his car and made it to the service where God restored him and the Apostle’s home was opened back up to him.  After the service while fellowshipping at Denny’s, Shane was asked to go with them to the Philippines as a family.  God miraculously provided for the ticket, especially since it was just a week away, and provided a seat on the same plane.  Since the return, God is continuing to do a work in Shane, and always has, but the difference between the Shane then and the Shane now is that he is yielded to it and submits to it.  Through abundant grace and love and constant discipleship by the Apostle’s, the godly character that had been missing in Shane’s walk with the Lord is now manifesting and continuing to develop as he hungers for God and for souls and stays disciplined, determined, and dependent on God every day of his life. 

He’s learning to walk in the grace that doesn’t just pick him up when he falls, but the grace that enables him to walk out the truth and never stumble or go astray.  In July of 2015, Shane answered the call as pastor and is now teaching and leading others by the example he’s been shown from his spiritual parents, Apostle Puredi and Apostle Ruth.  “I’ve learned a lot over the course of my life, but not like I’ve learned in the past 3 years since I’ve been in this ministry.  I’ve made countless mistakes, some big and some small, but by God’s grace I’m not the same I was last year and every year that passes I can say the same thing. From the love and grace and everyday discipleship, to the wisdom and guidance I’ve been taught, has helped me become the man of God I am today.  I’m grateful, honored, and blessed to call my Apostle’s my spiritual parents, and no greater honor than to be their son working hand and hand in this ministry of love and truth as a pastor at Shiloh Tabernacle Church.  I’m not fully there yet, but I’m loving the journey.”  


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