Pastor Timothy WeaverPastor Timothy Weaver

Pastor Timothy was born in Kentucky, while his parents were missionaries there, as a result of his three sisters asking their mother to give them a baby brother.  She told them she couldn't but that they needed to pray and God would answer.  God did answer!  Timothy's family moved to Indiana where he grew up and at the age of 9, he returned to Kentucky for a summer camp where he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior.  Though he was in church, Timothy wasn't really serving God wholeheartedly until God used an accident to change his life.  He was on a motor scooter and pulled out in front of a car and was propelled over the hood of the car and bounced off of the windshield, landing in front of the car.  He realized that God had spared his life for a reason and began to serve the Lord and play the guitar. 

During his freshman year of High School, Timothy began attending student led morning Bible Studies and also Friday Night Bible Studies where the Holy Spirit would move.  It was the end of his first year of high school that revival broke out in a nearby church where he went and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  At the beginning of the next school year, he began leading those school Bible Studies after receiving a prophetic word from the Lord.  He also began leading worship at those Bible studies and at the church he attended.  He became very passionate and zealous – at times overzealous.  He continued to lead those Bible studies throughout High School and then attended Rosedale Bible College where he led community outreach and also led worship. 

While he was in college, someone from the mission department approached him and asked if he would pray about going to California as a missionary to the Hispanic Community.  After praying, he came to California in 2002.  Timothy lived with Hispanic people in California and worked as an intern under a pastor for 1 year.  He later was ordained and pastored the small Hispanic church.  God eventually led Pastor Timothy to Shiloh Tabernacle Church where his life has been dramatically impacted.  He now serves as praise and worship leader and is training people at Shiloh in Technology and Media.  Pastor Timothy also does the graphics, audio tracks and technical aspect of the daily TV program La Realidad Cristiana that God has opened up.  Pastor Timothy wears many hats in the ministry and is grateful to be a part of this end time harvest where God is pouring out His glory!

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