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Kamalini T.

Early in February 2016, I took a taxi to Colombo which is the capital city of Sri Lanka to see a concert. On my way there, the taxi driver Mahendra told me, “Madam can you please speak to me in English? I am trying to learn conversational English.” I said, “sure, I will tell you a story in English.” I asked him whether he was a Buddhist, and he said yes. I thought to myself, “He won’t be a Buddhist for long.”

I told him my entire testimony in English. He asked me so many questions. I told him about the sinner’s prayer and he gladly accepted the Lord. He promised to go to an Assembly of God or a Calvary Chapel church near his home. Praise be to God.

February 20th 2016

The Holy Spirit reconfirmed that I should get involved with a Catholic deliverance father who has a chapel near my house. His name is Jude Peiris and I met him at the bank twice. He is unlike any other father I have met. He is certainly very broad minded. I went to meet him and told him that I am born again and sprit filled. I told him that I would like to help him with many people who come to him for prayer and counseling. He agreed and was delighted to get the help. We prayed for a family who was married for 33 years and had serious issues. The Lord used me the share His love with them in counseling.

February 27th 2016

At Jude Peiri’s chapel I met a lady and she told me her sad story. Her husband left her and he calls her using filthy words. I prayed for her and she gave her heart to the Lord. She didn’t know that we have a Holy Spirit. She only knew Jesus and mother Mary. Many of Noel’s family members are also opening up for prayer. I am thrilled!!! Four of them gave their hearts to the Lord.

February 28th 2016

Some time back, I prayed for a lady named Leelawathie, and the Lord told me to tell her that her surgery was over. She later came to see me with her medical report and said that the doctor told her that she is fine now and she does not need bypass surgery. Praise be to the Lord.

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Tandar Q.

My name is Tandra Quarles and I have been coming to Shiloh tabernacle since January 2008. I had never experienced the power of God and the Holy Spirit the way I have experienced it since I've been here. When I came to church the first day the power and presence of God was so great; people were speaking in tongues and dancing around with scarves and I had to ask the Lord to tell me if this was real because I remember there was something against speaking in tongues in my family while I was growing up. Well needlesss to say it was real and true and I stayed. Pastors prayed for me and told me things about my life that I knew had to come from God. I came to the church that day with a friend, homeless, carless, hopeless, childless and husbandless. But God!!! I knew He was real and was at Shiloh Tabernacle and I needed to be there whenever the doors were open, wherever they were speaking. My friend had other obligations and I began to catch the bus to get to the services from Riverside to Rancho Cucamonga and I enjoyed every moment. As I sought God, He showed Himself to me in so many ways. I led people through the sinners prayer for salvation, prayed for healings and ministered at the bus station and on the bus rides. I saw a young man get healed while I prayed for him after a fight split his forehead open. He saw me a week later and showed me his face without any scars on it and asked me what church I went to. Praise God! As I sought God, He showed Himself to me in so many ways.In March 08 I was blessed with a Jeep! Unexpectedly because I had no job, no nothing. I dedicated the car back to God so I would do His will for it. I was blessed to pick up people for church, take youth to meetings and so on. There were many days I had no gas nor money but God moved that car to where it needed to be supernaturally. One time we were going up the Cajon Pass to Hesperia from Rancho Cucamonga and the car ran out of gas halfway up the pass. We began to pray in the Spirit and the car began to move. When I put my foot on the gas pedal it would stop but it would begin to move again as soon as I took my foot off the gas. Angels pushed us all the way up the rest of the Pass and into the gas station!!! Now that's God.

Another time I went to minister to a family in Apple Valley and the car was on E, I prayed and I said something the Pastors always say, "Father you said if I take care of your business, You will take care of mine" and you know we made it all the way home from Apple Valley to Perris that night and to the gas station in Riverside the next morning. My children were taken from me in November of 2006 and were in foster care in Victorville. "Father you said if I take care of your business, You will take care of mine" When I started faithfully coming to church the Lord would speak through the Pastors and tell me that my children were going to be with me. I couldn't see how but God remained faithful to His word. When I first came, I hadn't seen my children because it was too far and I was only granted 1 hr a week visitation. Well, let me tell you what God did. He went with me to every court date and as the judge was telling me No, the Lord was saying Yes. God granted me favor with the foster mom. She allowed me to see the children anytime I wanted for however long I wanted. My girls began to come with me to church in June 08. They were blessed to be baptized in the Holy Spirit as I was in February 08. God worked it out that even though the girls were in foster care, they lived with me the majority of the time and the foster mom granted me complete access to them with school and doctors and all the mother stuff!! My kids were officially granted back to me June of 09 and the case closed December 09.

Now I was seperated from my husband in August of 06 when he moved in with another woman. He wasn't saved and was into the world and drugs (like I had been but the Lord delivered me from that too!!) and had no intentions of coming back. Well, let me tell you what God did!! The Pastors believed that God was going to heal my marriage and my husband would be coming in, I of course couldn't see that but God is always faithful to His word. In November of 08 I got a prophetic word from the Pastors that my husband would come to church in 3 months. I received it. February 1st 09 my husband came to church!! May 09 my husband moved out of his girlfriend's house and went into a Christian rehab where God moved mightily in his life. He was baptized with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues and began to be a leader at the rehab house and in the church. We both sang together on the Praise and Worship team at the church the house was connected to. How awesome is that!!! Now we are together as a family as of February 2010.

The Lord has done so may great things in my life and for the people I love. In the Summer of 08 there was an earthquake in Brea, Ca during the quake I was on the floor in Riverside praying for my mom as I was led by the Holy Spirit to do. Her neck was broke in that earthquake but we didn't know it until a few weeks later. The Lord has done so may great things in my life and for the people I love.But God knew and she is walking and talking - Glory to God. My dad had complications to his knee surgery and had 7 massive blood clots in his lung but we prayed and he is walking and talking. My nephew was born 3 months premature and was 3 lbs at birth, we prayed and today he weighs in at over 12lbs and doesn't have any signs of prematurity. My daughter was hit in the head in a freak accident and was paralyzed, we prayed on the way to the ER and God gave us favor with a Trauma team and immediate service, she is walking and talking. She got out og the hospital the next day with full mobility - Praise the Lord. I am sure there are more testimonies in the making since He is the God of the seen and UNSEEN. I just have to persevere and endure and count it all joy because He is Faithful to complete the work He has begun.

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Marie C.

I have been a Christian since I was 5 years old. In my life I have had many trials and struggles but I know even when I felt the farthest from God, he was always right there. When I was 13 I lost my virginity to an older man. Through that relationship I got the spirits of depression and suicide. I was 15 when I tried committing suicide. I cut myself and took pills and I laid there just waiting to die. The next thing I knew I was in the ambulance going to the hospital and was evaluated for mental disorder but was sent home the next day. I’m so thankful the Lord spared my life. When I turned 18 I got my own car and started driving to see this man on a regular basis. Ironically enough he lived in Rancho Cucamonga. One night I drove home drunk from his house and all I remember was getting off the freeway. I lived an hour away and I thank God again for sparing my life. The weekend after that happened I was driving home from seeing this man again. I remember thinking I have to make a choice. I had to de cide whether I was going to live a life of obedience or disobedience. I knew that wasn’t the life the Lord had for me, I cried out to God and begged him to send me my husband because I didn’t want to be alone. I just wanted to be loved. I ended that relationship the very next day and the Lord sent me my husband a few short months after. I’M SO THANKFUL THE LORD SPARED MY LIFE. We were married after being together for a year and a half. We became pregnant a few months after we were married. During that time my mom had already been going to Shiloh and wanted me to go with her. When I went on maternity leave I finally went to Shiloh and was very blessed. I was delivered from all the demons I had in me, all the hate and hurt I had been holding onto for so long was gone. Especially all the unforgiveness I had in my heart was healed. When my daughter Ella Marie was born I finally understood what eternal love was. She is a blessing to our family and loves to worship the Lord.

I KNOW I AM EXACTLY WHERE THE LORD WANTS ME TO BE! AMEN! I thank God for Pastor Puredi and Pastor Ruth, they truly love and care for everyone equally. They pray for us constantly and always take the time to talk. I also love that when God gives them a word, they tell us. Our second daughter was born on September 16, 2012. Her name is Emery Rose. She is a miracle baby and she brings laughter and joy to our family every day. I just want to praise the Lord for how far I have come and how much I have grown in him. He gives me visions and dreams and I just want to be obedient to his word and cherish the gifts of the spirit he has given me. I also thank him for my spiritual family I have at Shiloh Tabernacle, he has placed amazing people in my life to pray and encourage me. I know I am exactly where the Lord wants me to be! Amen!

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Miguel N.

Before I even share this testimony I just want to thank GOD for His salvation. I've been saved since March 21, 2010. Before coming to Christ I was in the deepest pit, my wife and I were on the verge of divorce. Abusing drugs, selling drugs, fornicating, you name it I did it. Seeking everything but GOD. Not knowing that all the doors I was leaving open for the enemy were tormenting my children. I remember getting so high on meth that I felt the demons strong in our apartment. It was to the point where my kids refused to sleep in their own room because they said that there were dark monsters in their bedroom. So we had a catholic priest come and anoint the apartment. I HEARD A VOICE SAY THAT I NEEDED TO REACH OUT TO GOD. That didn't work! Because we didn't understand the importance of standing in spiritual authority, our kids were still be tormented. Finally when things were at its worst and I felt so useless, I went and got high off meth, that in the middle of my "trip". I heard a voice say that I needed to reach out to GOD. The very next morning I told my wife we need to go to church. I remember she gave me the weirdest look. But even then she couldn’t deny GOD.

IT'S FUNNY HOW GOD WORKS WHERE YOU START ISN'T NECESSARILY WHERE YOU'LL END UP. That day I repented and received Christ in my heart. "Yeeeaaahh". It's funny how God works where you start isn't necessarily where you'll end up. About a year later through divine appointment God brought us to Shiloh Tabernacle where our hunger for the Lord and spiritual walk has grown so much. Even our kids have come out of their shell; so much so that they preach the gospel and l have led their peers and cousins to the LORD. Thank God for Restoration!! We serve an awesome GOD. We love you Pastors thank you for the discipleship and showing us how to "press in"- all for the Glory of GOD.

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Ly R.

I grew up as a Buddhist. I went to the temple and did all that jazz. I never really experience anything REAL like what I have experienced for the last four years as being a Christian. I started coming to Shiloh towards the end of 2009. I was slain in the Holy Spirit and have been going to Shiloh ever since. Growing up, I would go with my family to the temple and pray to a bunch of different kinds of buddha and never really see any changes. We would cook and have parties to give thanks to the buddhas. My grandma would make my cousins and I go do worship at the temple with other kids. I would always feel so depressed and lonely about other things in my life and I cried out in my bedroom every night and there was no answer. GOD HAS BEEN DOING SO MUCH IN MY LIFE THAT I CANNOT DENY THAT HE IS REAL! When I got saved, I felt an amazing rush of wind just blow through me. I felt so loved and comforted; which is what I prayed for in my first prayer as a Christian. God has been doing so much in my life that I cannot deny that HE is REAL! He saved my mom from breast cancer, He protected my brother and I from a 5-car collision on the freeway. I can go on and on about what God has done in my life but most of all, He had healed me from all the hurts and pain that I had in me. As I typed this, my eyes are getting watery but I'm so glad that He allowed me to forgive those people that I did not want to forgive before and now. I feel so alive and I can live again with no heaviness in my heart. One time, I was talking to Pastor Ruth and she said, there's a hole in everyone's heart and only GOD can fill it and I was so amazed because that's exactly what happened to me.

GOD TRULY DID FILL THE EMPTINESS IN MY HEART. I always felt so empty growing up with no father figure and with a mother who just work, work, and work. God truly did fill the emptiness in my heart. I actually have a relationship with the Almighty God and I can call on Him anytime. I'm so blessed and I would not trade this relationship for anything. I thank God for putting my Pastors Puredi and Ruth Hillary and, my Shiloh family in my life. They are truly a blessing.

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Debbie L.

I praise God for everything He has done in my life! Even when I didn't know, God was always by my side, both in my happy moments and my dark trials. The way I came to know the Lord as my Savior was a very trying moment for me. I had just found out that my father was molesting my daughter for years and I didn't even know it. I was always a drinker, but when I found this out, alcohol became a problem for me. I became very depressed, and at the time my husband and I were living with my parents so we had to try and find another place to live. We kept getting denied for apartments and it seemed like we would never get our own place. I cried out to God, not really knowing who He was but there was nothing else I could do. I said, "Lord either you take me out of this place or I will leave this place in a box!" My husband came back a few hours later with a blank stare on his face and told me we were approved for the apartment! We were both shocked and couldn't believe it. EVEN WHEN I DIDN'T KNOW, GOD WAS ALWAYS BY MY SIDE, BOTH IN MY HAPPY MOMENTS AND MY DARK TRIALS. After we got all settled in the apartment we didn't have enough money for food so we went to a local food bank. There we met a pastor who asked us if we had ever accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior? We never had, so we said the prayer with him, and that prayer changed my life forever. I couldn't stop crying while we were saying the prayer and my husband was looking at me all funny like what is wrong?! After that day things started to change for me. I had no desire to drink anymore and I wanted to go to church. One night I was having a beer with my husband, even though I didn't really want to drink. I went into my kitchen and I heard a voice tell me to throw my beer down the sink, that I didn't need it. I responded without even thinking and said just one more. My husband heard and yelled, "who are you talking too?" immediately I said," no one!" Who was I talking to?

I KNEW IT WAS GOD AND I HAVEN'T HAD A BEER SINCE 1995! I knew it was God and I haven't had a beer since 1995! Praise God! The Lord has finally led me to a place in my life where I am fully 100% dependent on my Lord Jesus Christ. My husband left me in 2006 and divorced me in 2010. I am praying everyday for him to come home because that's what God said through my pastors. Pastor Puredi and Pastor Mama Ruth have stood firm with me on that promise and if God hadn't brought them in my life I would probably be dead by now. I love my Shiloh family! To God be all the glory! Amen!


Geny S.

When I came to Shiloh tabernacle I was not baptized with the fire of the Holy Ghost (I didn't speak in tongues or heavenly language) I was a baby in Christ just got save, Me and my Family were been devour by the Diablo, I had a disease for life .I didn't Know that Jesus Died in the cross and he give me the power to take dominion over everything in Earth and everything in the heavens! (By the way there 3!!). He is so amazing and Real, He is a living person just like you and I, and He is Glorious and Powerful.

The Discipleship at Shiloh Tabernacle give me the confidence to believe that I was a powerful WOG, He baptized me that in him thru him and with him I can do all things. I have learn that he is a Holy God and can compromise with a little bit of sin, or think I can mock him. Jesus knows everything my thoughts my heart my plans.

In trials and tribulations My Apostle's- Pastor's always been there for me even at the point of death (4.10th.14)... I always see my Apostle's- Pastor's with so much love and respect. the discipleship show me that I have to be always reverent and respectful to the anointing and calling of God in their life to be always a faithful servant and help them in everything they do, without been ask!; They prepared me with love and Patience(for 10-11 year's) so today I can believe for everything in sickness and joyfulness , and always be thankful knowing that no matter what He is in Control and that he gives me the Victory ; To be always praying for the Corporal Vision of my Church and my personal life, they teach me with their personal life how to be "FAT in the Spirit" which it means flexible ,available, and teachable and also want to learn more about the things of God learning more and more because their life is a living proof and testimony of that!. The discipleship is more than Gold or Silver ...is priceless is been giving to me for free!

Jesus is a God of different levels of Glory ,he has transform me and shape me ,and put and take away what is not profitable in my life, He baptized me with the Fire and the evidence of speaking in different languages. That CHANG my life forever. The Discipleship has been a powerful connection with God in every aspect of my life. Today I believe for the Impossible !I know that he never lives me or forsake me , That he never lies and also he always fulfill his promises , I been thought and teach that I must be a balance woman of God full of his Wisdom and knowledge always depending on Jesus my Lord and savior, to be always lovable and to walk with love, peace, joy and righteousness because that's the kingdom of God, to always be lovable and kind to everyone, to be aligned with the word of God and always aside with him. There is so much to say; but in Conclusion the discipleship in Shiloh Tabernacle Church for me is: Walk holding the hand of God and all truth, all life and all his Love. Amen


Martin K.

Beginnings before Shiloh

I am an Assistant Pastor at Shiloh Tabernacle Church and an attorney.

I was born in 1976 in Western Australia and grew up there. By God’s grace, I was raised in a Christian family who truly loved the Lord. Just after I was born, my parents were filled with the Holy Spirit and became involved in the Charismatic movement, which was touching many churches and believers in Australia. I grew up in an atmosphere of faith and prayer. My father would always encourage us to pray for ourselves and others, hear the voice of God, prophesy over others and study the Bible. My mother taught us how to pray in the Spirit and how to love God and other people.

Discipleship experiences at Shiloh
In February 2012 I met Apostles Puredi and Ruth Hillary and joined Shiloh. From that time until now, our Heavenly Father has taken me on an incredible journey of joyful discipleship! He showed me that He is pursuing my heart and wants me to pursue His Heart. He wants to make me a new creation – a mature son walking in perfect love. To walk in this love requires my union with Christ in the Spirit (1 Cor 6:17 – “But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.”). This means losing myself in Jesus like a drop in an Ocean of Love (Matt 10:39 – “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.”).

• The need for healing and deliverance
My first step of discipleship at Shiloh was healing and deliverance. When I first came to Shiloh, I was emotionally hurt and spiritually drained. I had tried to help someone close to me overcome some problems she had been facing and I became sympathetic to her plight. Unfortunately, it was an unhealthy sympathy as I got dragged along on a roller coaster of emotions trying to help her. Apostles Puredi and Ruth prayed for me in the power of Holy Spirit and, praise God, I was healed of that pain and delivered from that unhealthy sympathy!

• Obeying the Perfect Will of God
The next step was to discern the perfect will of God and to obey it. There are many roads in life that appear to be good and may be in the permissive Will of God but which are not in His Perfect Will. If we want to be true disciples, we must seek the Perfect Will of God. In my case, I had to let go of some friendships, which were not spiritually profitable. These friends were not bad people but if I became involved in what they were doing, I would miss the perfect will of God. Letting go of these friendships was painful and I needed to pray to the Lord for grace to help me let them go. The Lord heard my prayer and I was able to move forward in what He wanted of me.

The Lord asked me to offer Him my radical obedience. This has meant putting all my dreams at the Foot of the Cross and allowing Him to lead me moment by moment. So often I have wanted to know what was coming next, but the Lord reminded me to put my hand in His Hand and entrust my future completely to Him. There is such freedom in knowing that He has already worked everything out for each of us!

Radical obedience has also required that I be patient moment by moment. When we know God has something good in store for us around the corner, so often we want to run ahead and make it all happen. The Lord has taught me to be patient and allow Him to bring His Prophetic Words to pass in His Timing. He perfects our faith in the waiting!

I have found that in emptying myself of my own thoughts and plans and trusting the Lord for everything, He fills me all the more with His Presence. He is teaching me that He is All and although I am nothing He wants to fill me with His All.

• Living in community
Another important part of discipleship has been living in community. As one of nine people in the Apostles’ home, every day requires me to exercise obedience and humility. I also have to ask forgiveness from those around me and forgive them too. I have to be patient in the circumstances of each day. God asks that even the little things we do like cooking and cleaning are done with the fullness of love and patience. I have found that in obeying the Lord and those in Godly authority, the will of my flesh is broken and my spirit is renewed.

• Flexible, available and teachable
A truly important part of discipleship has been to always be flexible, available and teachable. Being flexible means allowing Holy Spirit to interrupt my schedules and plans. Being available means allowing Holy Spirit to use me as He desires, even when it is uncomfortable or I don’t feel I am naturally qualified to do the work He is asking of me. Being teachable means letting Holy Spirit remove old mindsets that are not of Him and letting Him renew my mind. He removes fears, doubts and worries and replaces them with peace, joy and light.

• Abiding in the Secret Place of the Most High
The Lord asked me to focus on entering His Secret Place. I am able to enter that Place when I come into our Father’s Presence, leaving the world and all its cares behind. I can come in prayer or worship. When I allow Holy Spirit to still me, He leads me into precious fellowship with Him. He teaches me to hear the Voice of the Lord and to speak to Him from my heart as His friend. He gives such deep abiding peace in troubled times and helps me to look up to Him for my every need.

• Tools of discipleship: prayer, fasting and brokenness in worship
The Lord has asked me to really use the tools of prayer, fasting and brokenness in worship. Holy Spirit continues to teach me how to pray from the heart. True prayer is communing with God from the heart. It is not a formula of words uttered with the lips but the language of the heart spoken to the Lord’s Heart. The Word of God tells us to pray in the Spirit by using the gift of praying in tongues. I need to exercise this powerful gift every day to stir up my spirit and to stay focused on the Lord.

True fasting involves more than just refraining from food and drink. It means crucifying the passions of my flesh. I have found that when I give God my weaknesses, He helps me crucify my flesh and He purifies my heart from the clouds of the passions so that the Light of His Spirit enters my spirit. True fasting allows my heart to soar up in the Spirit into the Heavens!

True radical worship means coming into God’s Presence by the Spirit without any veils over our hearts or minds. It means asking God to break us so that God can reach our hearts and our hearts can reach God.

• Daily joyful repentance
Every day the Lord leads me to repent of falling short of His Holiness. Holy Spirit gently shows me when and how I have fallen and gives me the grace to repent before Him and to ask forgiveness of those I have sinned against.

• Reaching out to others
Another aspect of discipleship has been to reach out to others. This means to seek the Lord’s Heart for the next person I meet. It involves exercising the gift of discernment to know where a person is at and sharing with them how Jesus can make a difference. It also involves being a friend to others and not waiting for others to befriend me first. I have to introduce myself to others, smiling with the Lord’s Joy and telling others about Jesus.

• Praying in the Holy Spirit for others as I pray for myself
A big part of discipleship has been learning how to pray for others as I pray for myself. I am learning to allow the Holy Spirit to pray through me for others with His Prayer and Love. We have a “911” emergency prayer line at Church. When we get a prayer request, we have to lift up the people and their situation to the Lord. It sometimes means dropping what we are doing and going out to where they are even if that is inconvenient for us.

• Burning love for Jesus
At Shiloh, the Lord always challenges us to have a burning love for Him every day. Even if we are going through trials and tribulations, He wants us to love Him passionately with all our strength. Every time a trial comes, I run to the Lord and ask Him for grace so that He can increase His Love in me!

• Transformation of the mind
The Lord has asked me to let Him transform my thinking so that He Thinks through me. I simply ask the Holy Spirit to take my mind and thoughts and breathe His Life into them so that He moves me wherever He desires. He is training me to hear the sound of the Spirit like the sound of the wind. He is challenging me to hear His Voice at all times so that He can direct each day.

• Radical worship
At Shiloh, our services last 5 to 6 hours and we worship for around 2 hours. The Lord has asked us to give us our time so that He can be free to move in our lives. True praise and worship is a sacrifice or gift to God. It causes us to put Him first in our lives above everything else.

• A calling not a career
The Lord has shown me that my work in the marketplace is not a career but part of His Calling on my life. We are called 24/7 and not just on Sundays!

Fullness of Joy
“The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Neh 8:10). The Lord’s Joy in our hearts is our spiritual strength. If we are lacking His Joy in our hearts, we are weakened and drained spiritually. When this happens, we need to ask Him to fill our hearts with the River of His Spirit, which is so full of Supernatural Hilarious Joy! God’s love for you and me is beyond words! Let us run to Him Who so deeply loves us!


Andrew C.

Much of what I have learned about being flexible, available and teachable has not been fully manifested yet and is still being revealed in and through me. While I have done some serving in the past, I am seeing that there are more levels to servanthood. While being in the house, I have been learning to give others what they want and how they want it. Being up and out of bed at a certain time to assist with cooking, dishwashing and other assignments as necessary has become a habit for me. No longer am I comfortable just staying in bed very late. When involved with cooking, I have been learning to prepare things not just for myself and by myself but with and for others.

During church services, rather than just come to play my instruments, I have been learning the necessity of engaging others in the congregation: learning their names and finding out what is happening with them. Even with playing instruments, I have become more flexible. Previously I would only play 1 during a church service. Now I make all three available and can switch in the midst of Praise and Worship. After about 6 years of not seeing my family, I received enough healing in my heart and courage to go and see them. There really wasn’t any offense on my part against them; we just started to grow apart. Prior to being at Shiloh, I had been disconnected with them; I couldn’t see how or when I was going to reconnect with them. Even attending so many weddings at Shiloh helped me to attend my brother’s wedding.

I have learned that being a Christian doesn’t mean that you can’t dance to various types of music and enjoy yourself in that setting. It’s not necessary to be religious at wedding. It seems like such a simple and obvious thing but I actually had to learn and experience that here first. More recently, going the extra mile has been the focus of my learning. This has most tangibly been manifested in small ways. Specifically this new understanding has caused me to be involved with cooking even when it is not my turn to be involved. Also at work, I have been led to spend ½ hour of unclocked time as if I was “on the clock.” Going the extra mile is a new concept for me and is still being developed in me.


Paul R.

Pastor Paul’s Testimony Growing up throughout all my days, I've always heard about Jesus. I don't remember when I really started to understand about Him, but I was told by my parents that He loves me all the time. As years gone by, the very first verse I had ever learned growing up as a kid was John 3 16, the famous verse about His great sacrifice. I had trouble understanding what it had really meant for dying for our sins, but as I continue to grow older I began to understand how much He loved me. Now throughout all my years of being a Christian, I first got introduce to it when. I was around 8 or 9 years old. I went to various different types of church, Baptist church, 7th day Advantest, but I grew up just labeling it all the same, because I just felt the same atmosphere, every church I had went to. I only went because my parents always told me to go to church every Sunday, so I did. I had this routine going for years until I was 16 years old and still did not have a personal relationship with Jesus. Until my junior year of high school, I was 17, coming back from a big brawl at a park In Pomona.

The moment I walked inside my house I noticed all my family members were in tears, I had thought someone had died or something, when suddenly a woman named Pastor Ruth, came up and looked straight at me, asked my mom, "is this the oldest of your son?" She began to speak to me, and God started using her to prophesy over me, and everything that came out of her mouth were so accurate it really freaked me out. especially when God spoke out of her saying, "the devil really wants to kill you, he has you on sniper range", then I had met pastor Puredi smiling while coming out of the restroom and started to speak blessings over me saying and confirming everything that was said. It was an experience I had never felt nor witnessed ever before. This part of my life was truly the turning point, and a new path leading me away from all the wicked ways I used to do. So during the year of 2004, is when I began attending Shiloh Tabernacle, where I grew more as a Christian. I was never taught to keep growing as a Christian, I thought doing good works and being nice to people was all I had to do. But that was far from what God had planned in my life. Years have gone by and attending Shiloh really made an impact towards not only myself but my family as well, we prayed we would be having a house that was closer to church because we lived in Pomona, and by the grace of God, we got double blessed not only we were blessed with a home that was close to church, but also 3 minutes away from our pastors house, which by this time were considered spiritual parents to me. Praise God!

Again, as time passes by, I began to backslide, I was being disobedient, opened up relationships that weren't profitable, slept around, walked violently with anger, but the big difference was throughout all this sinful nature I was going through, God had used my pastors to help me get out and keep pressing forward no matter what. When I say no matter what, I mean they would physically come over to my house early in the morning around 5 am just to tell me I need to get back on my post, this is discipline, they really spanked me by lecturing mentoring and pouring out, not physically spanking need but spiritually spanking me up in the teachings of Godly ways. Praise God. By now during the years of these experiences I would be like a veteran with this walk, but even then it was going on more than 5 yes with Shiloh, the devil lurks to catch us slipping and there was a time in my life where I just felt stagnant, I felt like I wasn't growing and this Christian walk was just so hard. I've seen people come and go, my pastors get stabbed in the back, lied upon, etc... I just couldn't handle it during the years of 2007-2009. But what I learned was it takes a lot out of you when you are part of a Christian walk with Christ.

It will never be easy, but I learned that it is simple, we simply abide by God's word and apply it every day in order to keep aligned with our Father. I really began to understand what John 3 16 really means, it's not just about love, but unconditional love is what was being given to us. A love that is handed under no circumstances, a love that is true. From then on, the teachings I have learned from my pastors Puredi and Ruth, were not only ordinary teachings but knowledge that comes directly from God. I was so stupid to have taken this for granted, but God has His timing and where I was at, during this point of my life, coming from a 4 and a half year relationship, wounded and feeling like there was no point of living, and He had reminded me of His love that restores and mend. So again, time had passed and I was approaching 6 years with Shiloh, but again temptation hits you because the devil never stops, so I decided to walk in the flesh for a while until everything I do now, I felt a stronger conviction, to a point where mama Ruth didn't have to remind me anymore because I know better at this point and time of my life.

I was taught to live with a repentant heart, ask for forgiveness and forgive myself. Now I was back on my post but not fully, during this year, God had allowed me to meet this individual named Ly Vo. She eventually became my girlfriend as months passed by, but I was holding back on what I should have ministered to her or sharing the gospel. But when you remain faithful and remain steadfast and praying for those you Love. God will take care of the rest, He allowed me to invite her to Shiloh, and later on was able to accept Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. So as time passed by, we went through numerous of arguments and all the typical couple flaws that usually happens almost to a point where it was daily. Then again, God had reminded me to show unconditional love regardless of what happens, there is no right or wrong answer, but only the God answer. God told us to completely give our relationship to Christ or it will fall apart. So as soon as we did God used mama Ruth to disciple Ly and that had caused our relationship to grow not only in being able to endure with not spending time with each other for three months, but also our love walk with Jesus. The more I fell in love with God, the more I fell in Love with my girlfriend.

So during this time of the year, it was 2013, and God allowed me to see my future wife who was my girlfriend for 4 years, and before her birthday, I was led to ask mama Ruth and papa Puredi if it's the right time to propose. They both said yes because we were walking in the fullness, so on her birthday I proposed to her. But the growing does not stop there it is now 2014, and we were told not worry about the wedding because it I is all in God's hands. So we are walking in full out faith, and dependency of God. At this time my spiritual parents were now led to disciple me also, and I am now truly learning what true discipleship really means. I'm learning to put God over everything in my life, my family, my work, my thoughts and everything I do has to be God led. Enduring it and doing it with joy is discipleship, living our days by the fruit of the spirit and activating it daily is discipleship, and what is really crazy is that throughout the 10 years of attending Shiloh, it was well worth the wait to finally learn to being in the fullness of God. Until this day I am still being discipled, learning every day, yearning for His grace every day, because we are not perfect, but praise God He is willing to perfect us and till this day, I'm still experiencing John 3 16, will forever dwell within my heart. Thank God for His unconditional love, that made me the man I am today, and being able to understand what discipleship really means and continue to move forward to grow and live for Christ not letting anything stand in my way.

It's by His Grace, that I'm able to stand steadfast with His Love that is sufficient and complete. Discipleship has been really intense lately, I've been working out my patience and endurance 120% by the Grace of God. He has been teaching me, mentoring me, and giving me the strength to endure all the hardships this life has offered. Currently I've been learning about not letting the past get in my way in every aspect, down to the point where we need to be super cautious in everything that we do, but not through fear but developing the Godly fear daily, so everything we do and want to do is to just please our Almighty. I'm so blessed to have my spiritual parents, Apostle Puredi and Apostle Ruth, that God had allowed them to help me spread my wings like an eagle, which I had no idea existed within me. In other words, the best in me to come forth is still in process, but I am at my best because I am serving the Great God of all things. Who I can't thank enough. I'm going on almost a year in living through the love walk and discipleship of Christ fully, and I am learning every day!

There is not one day, I have not experienced a character building process through the Holy Spirit. The little things I used to think that were little, I discovered that it is a significant to God. To serve, whether it's just picking up a piece of trash, taking out the trash, washing dishes, a simple gesture of Goodness, is a way to please our awesome God! I love what God is doing and what He has been doing throughout most of my life knowing Him and of Him. Especially, knowing that all the things I've been through in the past, is such a blessing to be in the position that I am now. To be a true ambassador of Christ, and knowing that this life does not matter at all, because everything is temporary in the lifetime, but to give everything, to God, knowing that it is so worth it, I can't help but be excited to just seek His face more, need Him more, talk to Him more, laugh with Him more, and be in Spirit and Truth with our Abba-Father. His love is what really kept me going after 11 years of molding and making, and not stopping, it is an honor and privilege to be ordained as a Pastor for the body of Christ. It is also a honor and privilege to be disciples by the powerful couple as One with Him who lives within Both of them.

I am just so thankful, for everything, every person He allowed me to encounter and minister to, every obstacle that He allowed me to overcome, my Spiritual parents who God uses so mightily to help open the eyes of the spiritual blindness. And it does not stop here, I will continue to fight the good fight, run the ultimate race, and walk in the fruits of the spirit of God, to remain tuned with Him and only Him with great expectations. I was able to maintain blessed and FAT in the Spirit. For example there were times when I had to drop off a prophet after a powerful Friday night service that ended around 12am, but then went to go eat at norms with my Apostles and pastors after, so we didn't finish until 3am, but the lesson I've learned and was able to activate by the Grace of God was the radical obedience I was able to accomplish in Jesus name. I could have easily made up an excuse to avoid driving that late, but instead I knew God had something in store, and with that, I was able to receive a revelation that God gave the prophet which turned out to be a confirmation. Praise God. I wasn't tired but in the natural I would've been deadbeat, but the way God's presence touches you, enables you to do anything for Him and through Him.

There was also a time when we were able to celebrate one of the pastors birthday, on a Saturday to go to a cherry farm and it was my very first time cherry picking, in my mind I thought it would be a wonderful experience with my fiancé later on in the future to do it again, because not only it was such a blessing to have healthy fun with the pastors and apostles cherry picking, but I felt such peace and appreciative with everything God had created and the cherries were delicious. This was also a great experience to have a greater connection with my pastors and apostles as we were all able to fellowship beautifully and have an amazing dinner at Big Boys after. It has truly been a process and a step of Glory to glory because of His grace, with everything God has been doing throughout my experiences being discipled by my powerful apostles. From giving my relationship time with my fiancé completely to God especially weekends, because I know He is preparing something much greater and marvelous for us, and times of which I had barely any sleep. For instance, waking up 530am to 6am, and would start up my day a Godly day, by dedicating my whole weekend to Him.

Before I would wake up so early and irritated because I would work all week and I wanted my rest weekends, but the moment when you realize God is in control of Your life, and decide to give your Life WHOLE HEARTEDLY TO CHRIST, it's just a matter of time when you know exactly who, what, and why your living this life for. The things that have been really expediting tremendously in my process of being discipled is being able to speak more with boldness courage and firm with the Word of God. Taking every opportunity with every soul I meet to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. How every moment of my life is really critical at these end of days. I enjoy the recreational times I get off spend with my apostles and everyone else from there house, such as going to to the movies but not just watching any movie, instead taking that opportunity also to save a soul for the kingdom of God, and minister. I am just so SUPER BLESSED to be in the situation and the time in my life NOW.

Another day of radical obedience caused by 120 percent extra mile with God. We cannot minister to others about restoring families and being able to forgive those who are and have been living with you throughout your life, if you can't make peace with your own family at home. On June 30th 2014, was the day God had truly accomplished another miracle in my life, being able to repent and ask for forgiveness from every single sibling I have and especially my parents was a moment I would cherish forever, God's love truly increased the love that we have for one another. He caused such restoration and revival and most of all spiritual deadness to be alive once again! praise The Lord, everyone in my household was able to ask for forgiveness from one another and truly show love for each other and from the youngest to the young of hearts, it was truly a beautiful time and such brokenness took place, we were able to break down every barrier of tradition and unforgiveness that was in our hearts for years, and show the love that was hidden for so long to be able to be shown physically with one another through Jesus Christ, praise the Lord for He is so God, and His Truth truly had set us Free! In Jesus name, amen.


Jessica D.

When I first came to Shiloh Tabernacle I was 20 years old and 9 months pregnant about to have a baby girl. She was born on September 7th 2009 her name Is Alexis, Lexi for short. My husband and I wasn’t married at that time. I left my mom’s house 2006 two weeks after I graduated high school to move In with my husband Richard. We knew each other for 8 years dated for 6 years. I hated life because I thought I was going to able to go to college and not work till I finished but It wasn't like that I had to find a job and didn't like to work for retail, sales, never wanted to apply at fast food restaurants. I learned how to cook but it was flavorless and my husband would put Tapatio on everything. I knew there was a God but never had a relationship with I'm or speaking in tongues or knew about the Holy Spirit. I didn't believe there was a devil or demons. I was curious why people would fall down when they would get prayed for.

I never thought being a Christian was weird or crazy but as I was coming to Shiloh little by little wasn't fully committed yet. When I would go to church I didn't understand some things when they would preach or even pray for me all I knew that something would touch me and make me cry also during praise and worship I would feel something Inside me telling me dance or raise your hands. I do love to dance but because I was shy thinking people would make fun of me or didn't want to look dumb that stopped me from getting freed up In the Spirit. But there was this one time I just did It and after that I kept doing it and Apostle Puredi and Ruth would say I will be dancing for the Lord. There were times Apostle Puredi and Ruth would tell us how the Lord can’t bless us until we made it right in the eyes of God.

My husband and I decided to get married on June 20th 2009. I knew Richard didn't want to get married, I didn't either because marriage is a serious step and wasn't sure If we were going to stay together. When it was our wedding day we were both fighting and mad at each other because everything was not going like it should be Apostle Ruth came up to us asked what was wrong so she told us not to be mad at each other the devil is trying to mess it up. I didn't know what she was talking about at that time. We didn't have a healthy relationship we were always fighting; we cussed at each other, got on each other’s nerves, jealousy, but still stayed together. Before we got married I remember one time we had an argument and I would always tell I'm well If you’re so miserable to be with me why don’t you just leave me but deep Inside I really didn't want I'm to go because I loved I'm so he ended up leaving and I was like OMG! He’s really leaving so I decided to chase I'm and follow I'm. He was trying to loose me but he couldn't so we went back home and we made up.

We thought that was love that’s just crazy love. I use to lie about the smallest things and thought I wasn't going to get caught lying and that made I'm not trust me. I was Insecure, I dressed with revealing shirts, tight and short skirts, shorts, and dresses I thought that was the way to get what I wanted and liked the attention I would get from men and made me feel good about myself. I was 13 years old going to night clubs with my sisters ID and was able to drink but didn't like It I did drugs thought It was cool! As we continued to go to church my daughter Lexi was 6 months old we noticed she loved to go with Apostle Ruth all the time she would see her. When we would leave church she would cry, cry, and cry. We didn't know why! One day Apostle asked my husband to preach at a youth meetings and he did and got ordained as a Youth Pastor about 6 months later. When that happen I was thinking It Is only I'm doing It but If he needed help then I would help I'm. I didn't plan to be a pastor’s wife. I didn't want to be a pastors wife or pray for people or even speak In front of everyone or preach or teacher. There were times I did left out when my husband was part of whatever was going on at that time and I wasn't able to go with them because of the kids I didn't have none to watch them and they would ask me to come so felt left out even though really I didn't care about speaking or praying.

Apostles would always tell me I’m part of It too because he needs me to be in the fullness and with me we become one. When the brothers and sisters started to call me Pastor Jessica I felt weird didn't want them to call me that because deep Inside I felt like I didn't have what It Is to be a pastor, I wasn't perfect, I didn't have any Boldness, wasn't anointed, couldn't hear God, didn't know how to discern, didn't know how to pray for people, didn't understand the Bible, I couldn't memorize any scriptures or verses, pretty much I didn't have anything good In me. We both realized there was a lot of changes In our lives so we continued to be more committed to Shiloh Church my husband started to serve the church as an usher we would be there to help set up till It was done to clean and tear down. I wasn't really able to help because I had to watch my daughter and it was when I didn't really trust anyone to watch my daughter not until she was one, when we would take her to Sunday school class. At that time we were living with my mother n law and there was a situation we got kicked out. We didn't have anywhere to go but my mom’s. We didn't really want to go back there because my mom didn't like Richard so she would complain to me he doesn't say hi and it’s my house. We called the Pastors to let them know what’s going on and they told my husband to come over to their house and stay there for the night and of course they prayed about it for us to stay there and asked us if we wanted to move In with them.

I personally didn't want to because we had Lexi and a baby boy on the way too Elisha and with children they run, touch everything, brake things, stain things, there to loud and I didn't want that to happen in there beautiful home. So I just looked at my husband and he made the chose if yes or no and he said yes so the next day we went back packed all our stuff and moved In with our wonderful Apostles. In time God reveals what you lack on. So as we stayed In our apostles home It’s an open heaven home and the Apostles hear from God and Apostle Ruth has a gift that God gave her to see things ahead of time and discern what’s happening In our life’s and they both alive by the Word of God so what I was lacking on they would sit me down and tell me, spank me, rebuke me, correct me, deliver me, with love and prayed for me for everything I needed to be delivered and disciplined me to able to grow. The way I started to get disciple was by being disciplined getting up early, didn't know how to cook flavored food so Apostle Ruth taught me how to cook Filipino food. I wrote down every Ingredient and how it was made after that I would clean the house then put Lexi to take a nap and that was my time to read. I did have to balance everything out. I didn't know about dying to your flesh meaning not taking a nap and read Instead even though you’re tired want to rest and I didn't care about reading the Bible at first because I didn't get It, I always thought God doesn't speak to me or I don’t get revelation from It, or I can’t apply It In my life. Just liked to take it easy.

Our Apostles had told us about their desire to have children but because they were In full time ministry It would be hard to have children and ministry so they gave that desire to god and god had said they were going to have a girl named Mesharah and a boy named Benjamin so we found out that the same month and week we had Lexi they had given them up so Instead of being blessed with two god gave them four blessings my husband and myself, Lexi and Elisha but because of that there able to enjoy Lexi and Elisha as their own and able to focus on ministry full time because we as the parents take care of them and feed them you know as parents have to take care of their kids. There was one time I said I’ll never spank my kids because my mom would spank me and my brother and sisters all the time when we didn't behave that I would only put them In time out. WRONG! The bible says In Proverbs 13:24 those who spare the rod of discipline hate their children. Those who love their children care enough to discipline them. As parents we had to learn how to discipline our 1 1/2 yr. old daughter going to 2 yrs. old some people say terrible 2 but with Jesus Christ Is wonderful 2. Lexi would throw herself on the floor, she would cry, kick, scream, at church she would only want to be with pastor Ruth there were times pastor Ruth would pray for people and If Lexi wouldn't be with her she would have a fit and we would have to take her out I would get Irritated, frustrated, upset, that the spank wouldn't be from the spirit, love and kindness It would be the flesh. There were times I would get mad because she wouldn't listen to me and she would listen to Pastor Ruth so It felt my daughter didn't love me and I couldn't control my own child. I would see other moms tell their children to come or to stop and they would listen to them and I would feel embarrassed when Lexi wouldn't listen to me.

When Pastor Ruth would try to help me I would just walk away and try to handle It myself which I couldn't. Pastors taught us how to discipline Lexi the right way and showed us that we both had to take authority to spank her and pray for her but It was so hard at that time we were still young In the lord that my husband and I were ready to give up well me personally wanted to stop spanking her because she has a strong Leadership and It felt everything we did It wasn't working. Instead of my daughter breaking she was breaking us. It was hard when we started to both do things together and agree Lexi wouldn't let me pray for her she would take my hand off of her but I had to continue to pray and lay hands on her for she can get delivered. We had to pray and speak alive, positive words to her like for example saying everyday she's a sweet young lady of love and she is now and she prays and she's joyful, is obedient, knows how to ask for forgiveness and receives forgiveness. Also when we need an encouragement God uses her and it either convicts us or it gives us joy that everything is alright. Know it’s another level for her and for us as she's getting older she's about to be 5 yrs. old. As a spiritual being I been amazed how God Is able to teach me how to be self-control and when she does her tantrums It doesn't bother me or Irritate me, not get Into the flesh mode.

I laugh and say Devil you are a liar that's not Lexi and I'm not going to receive it she has been delivered and that's the past. Now we put her in time out if a spank is necessary then we do but If not then we don't. We explain why we spank her and what the bible says and what is of god and what is not of god and we let her pray and then we pray together. I learn not to give her way and to teach her the way god wants me to teach her. When I was pregnant with Lexi I had 3 days of contractions was in pain, couldn't sleep, when we were at the hospital I took the epidural it took even longer to have her and during my pregnancy we were living in sin didn't know god. With Elisha I was peaceful, joyful, praising the lord, wasn't In pain, but as the due date got closer Apostle Ruth and my husband were look at the schedule what was going on that week that week was really busy so they were saying no you’re not going to have the baby this day, you can’t have I'm not In till the 8th of August 2011, that's a good day to have I'm so Apostle put on her calendar Elisha to be born that day. My original due date was like the 14 or 16th of August. So the 8th came and 5 am I threw up started to have contractions on that day and I told My husband I think this Is the day we are having I'm Because I'm not feeling good and we checked how far apart the contractions were there were 2 minutes apart so we grabbed what we needed went to the hospital. We get there the nurse told me I was 4 centimeters open so they told me to walk for a hr. and my contractions they felt stronger and stronger.

God told my husband that as we go to the room again to get checked my water will break and I’ll be 6 centimeters open so It did happen as he said and as the nurse took me to the delivery room another nurse was asking me questions and BOOM, BOOM It was SO FAST that I told the nurse I feel like I have to push already she was like no not yet but I told her again and they checked me I was 10 centimeters open and had Elisha Benjamin In 20 minutes the Dr. and nurse were like wow that was the fastest delivery they ever had and Dr. asked us what we were going to name I'm and we told I'm Elisha and he's like wow a prophet so everything apostles and my husband spoke came to past exactly what god said It was going to happen we dedicated Elisha In the hospital and on TV and god said he's a sign of the ministry 8/8/11 new beginnings and double multiplication. It was AMAZING! I also was Into being fit I wanted to lose weight get back In shape so I got a gym pass I weighted 117 that started to be my focus and one day apostle Ruth said I don’t have no business to go to the gym If I can’t read my Bible and not able to know God or have a relationship with Him or even grow If I don’t open It and read It. So I did give It to God and said Lord let me supernaturally lose weight and be fit and It happened I lost weight so I was 109 down to size 3 was eating like I usually do stopped exercising God Is so good.

I did have to give up my family to God because as I was learning the spiritual realm I started to notice how every time I would go to my mom’s house It would have an effect on me, every spirit that was there It would jump on me and I wasn't strong enough to handle and It would also affect my kids. So now I pray about everything when It’s ok to go see my family or family events It was hard at first yes they will persecute you saying you don’t love us you love them more than us, those are my grandkids, they don’t know who I am, your brain washed, how does God speak to you, It hurts that your family starts to complain and not like that you’re doing good and serving God but I rather please God then them. So I just tell them what God puts in my heart. I been really surprised with myself because I didn't have the boldness to talk about the word of God to my mom because I always thought I didn't understand the word of God and how to explain It to her but lately God’s been speaking through me to tell her and I tell her how God doesn't look at what you do good He looks at your heart and what you’re doing for I'm so I really feel like she’s been taking some of It and God Is opening her eyes but of course there’s still more work to be done but praise God . There’s a word that God gave Apostle Ruth to be F.A.T that means Flexible, Available, and Teachable. It’s really hard to be that when you have two kids but God has really made a way for me to be able to balance my life. Like getting ready my Pastor told me to get up earlier if I want to take a shower and do my hair or get the kids clothe ready the day before.

You might be tired but God will give you supernatural energy. My Apostle always would tell me to submit to my husband because If I can’t submit to I'm how can I submit to god and my pastors so for me not to speak out what I feel because It’s just going to cause a big fight to pray In the Spirit when you want to get mad. I struggled with jealousy, oh my husband is looking at other woman he’s not satisfied with me. The Insecurities you have to bind every thought that’s not of God and switch it to positive we say no devil my husband loves me I am beautiful and secure In You Lord in Jesus Name. By faith I am teaching, preaching, praying, and understanding the word of God more and more. I thank God for the change in me and in my family’s life I love my husband more than ever. God has really opened my eyes that HIs joy is our strength if there’s no joy then everything you do isn’t going to be in the spirit but the flesh and joy makes everything different. There were times Apostle Ruth would tell me to speak In the front I would get so fearful to speak didn't want to and I would start to cry and run upstairs In my room wouldn't come down In till Apostle Ruth would go up to my room and get me because I would be so mad at myself not able to get It right or know what the verse meant. There were times I would explain what I thought it would mean but when Apostle Puredi or Ruth would say something else I would get mad at myself for not speaking what it really meant. I would also get nervous to speak when my husband would be there when we had our Bible studies as a family because I felt that he was going to get mad at me for not getting It and say It right and he was going to tell me what was I saying that I didn't make sense or I need to let god speak through me, thinking I can’t reach his expectation but I learned that It’s not his expectation or what he thinks or what he tells me as long as I please god that's all that matters.

Also when you know Gods perfect love it casts all fear. If I know and felt his love there shouldn't be any fear within me to speak or act or pray to do anything he wants me to do because he's always there and he’ll never fails. By my Apostles giving me opportunities to speak in the front, to act, to pray you start to develop that confidence and get used to going to front and peaking in the microphone. You have to continue to practice because If you stop then It just takes you back where you first started looking at the past and feeling how you used to get fearful and It just feels like you don't know how to do It anymore because you didn't continue to read your bible or practice what you have learned. As we want and desire to be more like Jesus you start to notice more how you think, how you act, what you say, how's your attitude, because of my foolish ways and things I didn't realize I was still holding on to and wouldn't release It to God completely my marriage was falling apart that my husband almost left me and my kids. He’s always the first one to say I'm sorry and let’s pray. I wouldn't pray I dint want to let It go because I knew I was right, and didn't want to say I'm wrong so It got to a point he was saying that we really need to separate because It’s not working out that I should leave and go back to my mom’s as he saves money to get a place to stay at and hell able to take the kids from me as he gets settled. I got tired of being unhappy, always feeling I wasn't loved by my husband, he hated me, he would tolerate me just because of the kids everything I was feeling It started to build up In me. I know divorce Is not In the bible and It’s not the right thing to do, but because I had unforgiveness towards my husband I started to think we really aren't meant to be together Its not working out I don't want to get hurt anymore so I heartened my heart I would act like If I'm nothing to I'm and didn't want to do nothing with I'm.

I was think of leaving I felt It but I wouldn't do It or say It so I know It was god preventing me from doing It. Apostle Ruth prayed for me and was able to forgive and forget. we both could only love each other because of Jesus he gives us fruit to walk on and practice Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness self-control, and long suffering. when I'm feeling like something Is rising up In me I started to say I love you so much, I love you too and I got that from my Apostle Ruth I seen one time how she reacted when a situation came up and now I always pray to god and ask god to give me that self-control and to honor my husband and to respect I'm and shut my mouth when I shouldn't speak and to love I'm more than ever. I used to say he doesn't love me, he doesn't hold me, he's not Intimate with me, but Apostle Ruth said he will but because he wasn't raised to love so he doesn't know how so for me to should show I'm how to love to go that extra mile love I'm no matter what and still love I'm even though he might not feel like It. we both agreed that we don't want to argue or get mad or Irritated or annoyed by each other anymore that we both should go forward together as one and be In an agreement all the time. I have noticed that if one spouse is down then it affects the other because god made us one so we do need to be in our post and be ready in season and out of season, be filled up with the word of god and not let anything take my joy, or get out of the spirit.

I love my husband he loves me and god has answered my pray of I'm being loving he holds me loves on me more than ever before and me too. If I mess up I ask for forgiveness right away because I don't want nothing between me and I'm and I don't want to sleep with the devil or kiss the devil. You will be tested so be in the spirit and pre paired. So I thank god for everything I been through because I learn from It and able to help others that are going through the same thing and It has taught me to stay In the spirit when things are going wrong to be self-control and I pray to God Proverbs 14:1 that I want to be a wise woman that builds her home, not to be a foolish woman that tears It down with her own hands. I give God all the glory I can’t do it on my own only through I'm.


Tamara A.

I was born in Nicaragua to a middle class family in 1985. Both of my parents uphold socialistic ideologies and had participated in the Sandinista Revolution of the 1970s. Due to family conflicts my mother left my dad when I was only six months old and they were separated for over 7 years. During that period of separation I lived with my mom and maternal grandma and aunt in the city of Leon. We kept a relationship with my dad and would come to visit him to his home in Managua on weekends and holidays. Since that early age I got a sense of instability and abandonment. Since my dad would rarely come to Leon, my peers and neighbor friends never saw him and would disbelieve that I had a dad. My first big disappointment from my dad was at my kindergarten promotion when he had promised to come and I had told my friends that I would prove I had a dad on that day but he never showed up. The following that day my mother and I came to his house and that was the first time I recall fear since they had a huge fight, my mother doing the screaming and reproaches and my dad kept quiet.

My dad would compensate his absent with presents, giving in to my tantrums, and spoiling me. Since that young age I learned that love was demonstrated through material things and that I was entitle to get my way all the time because I was the victim. I must have been around 6 years old when my dad moved to Guatemala for his job. When I was seven years old my dad proposes to my mom to give it a try again to be a family and my mom and I moved to Guatemala with him. We lived in Guatemala for three years and we had our model family. There I got my first encounters with the Lord as they enrolled me in a Christian school and most of my dad's friends were Christians for which we attended church on the regular basis on Sundays. After my 10th birthday we returned to Nicaragua to a small town, Rivas, to the South border of the country. This time they enrolled me in a Catholic school run by nuns.

The seed of the Word of God had already been planted in me that the Catholic teachings would not satisfy me and when some Jehovah's Witness girls visited my house I welcomed and accepted to have her come over and give me bible studies at my house. My parents were so liberal in their religious beliefs that at my young age they would let me choose my spiritual path. But neither the Catholic Church nor the Jehovah's Witnesses could fill my spiritual hunger. I became fond of sitcoms and movies portraying witchcraft and evil powers like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Enchanted among others. But it was a movie about some teenager witches that led my friends and I to try to imitate them by the way they dressed, making a pact like in the movie, and pursuing a palm reader (by the grace of God the palm reader never showed up to our meeting). During this period of my puberty years together with my yearn for spirituality I also got sick.

I suffered of strong headaches that would lead me to cry out and even loose conscious, doctors performed encephalogram but could not find anything wrong and just prescribed pills for the pain. I also suffered of some type of juvenile arthritis that would cause my legs to be paralyzed at times for the pain. Doctors would just say that all those ailments were caused by the hormonal changes due to puberty. That also brought depression, fear that my parents would someday separate because I could notice they were in a loveless marriage, and a spirit of suicide would torment me. I now know that my illnesses and emotional state were all spiritual. At night I would get thoughts of worthlessness and that my parents and the world would be better without me and I would fantasize about my death and how to commit suicide. Thanks to the seed of the Lord that had been planted in me as a child going to a Christian school and attending church in Guatemala I always had the fear of the Lord that did not allow me to kill myself even when I had already planned it. In 1999 my father travels to Los Angeles for vacation and when he comes back he decides that we all move to the United States. We spent the whole 2000 planning our trip, I did not enter regular school but was enrolled in English classes.

My father promised me a great life in California and I wanted to come and have all that. It was on February 2001 that my mom and I finally come to California. Since the beginning my dad's promises begin to fade away because by the time we come he had already wasted all his money and was broke. Instead of coming to the big city we go to Bakersfield to live at my brother's ranch. My dad also brought my grandmother to the States in hope of finding treatment for her sickness but instead the doctors tell him that her sickness is terminal and that she only has three months to live. On October 2001 my dad goes back to Nicaragua with my grandmother to take care of her with the promise of coming back. Left alone in the ranch my mom and I had no hope of improving our socioeconomic status. Due to my dad's abandonment I become hateful and resentful at life as I see only broken promises and I also turn against God. If my earthly father had failed me I did not want anything to do with God, I though God had no business in my life, how could a sovereign God care for such a little girl. I thought that I could make it on my own and I was determined to do whatever it took to get ahead in life, get the education and all the things I was promised by my own through all means necessary.

By the grace of God my mother who had met the Lord when we were back in Guatemala decides to take a hold on God and makes a powerful prayer asking God to guide her path and take her by the hand and the Lord responded to that prayer. In late January 2002 my mom decides we are moving to Los Angeles, she promises me she would work as hard as she can but we would make it through and I would get higher education but this time her promises are holding from the hand of God. On a Tuesday morning as my mom took a bus to downtown LA to look for a job the Holy Spirit led her to first stop by to a church in Echo Park, Angelus Temple Hispanic, where a small group led by the assistant pastor was having a prayer meeting. They embraced my mother and invited her to their Sunday morning services. My mother took authority and forced me to come to church with her on that first Sunday of February 2002. The first day I visited church my heart was so hardened that I didn't even stood up for the welcome. I spent the first few times sited and indifferent to the Spirit of God until one day I could not resist the anointing of the Lord and I found myself crying at the altar accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It wasn't until May that the youth pastors notice me and invited me to their Sunday School class before service.

My first day going to Sunday school on May 26th, 2002 at the entrance of the church I met Christian, my husband as he was serving as an usher. He greeted me with familiarity because he told me later he had mistaken me with someone he knew but since then we began a friendship that turned into a relationship on July 30th of the same year. Christian had completed his first year of Bible School and since he saw the hunger for growing and learning in me he invited me to join the Angelus Bible Institute with him. I started bible school on September 2002 at the same time of my senior year in high school. I also started serving at the church as assistant teacher to 4-5 years old on the Wednesday meetings, translating for Tuesday night prayer meeting and for Sundays. Since my young age in prayer I made the decisions to serve the Lord and my prayers and biggest fear would always be, "God, I am giving you my youth, the best years of my life, please don't let me to fade away in my older years." On 2003, Christian is offered a youth pastor position at a church in North Hollywood by the Foursquare Youth Ministries director and he asked me to come over with him. We spoke with our senior pastor and he agrees to send us as youth pastors even though we were just dating. I graduated from college and bible school on 2005 and by then I was already leading the youth as assistant to pastor Christian, preaching and organizing youth events in face of the criticism and jealousy of some of older leadership including the pastor's wife. On May 2006 Christian proposed me to marry him on September 30th of that year.

As we begin the plans for our wedding, things in the church were not going well. There was a lot of jealousy and conflict coming from the senior pastor and his wife in addition to doctrinal issues as the pastor was turning into Messianic-Judaism ways, so we are forced to leave the church. Now, we were in plans for a wedding but had no pastor or church, my parents were both opposed but in spite of it all God allowed us to move forward. We decided to go to a church of one of Christian's former Bible School classmates in San Fernando and he officed our wedding ceremony after only one session of pre-marital counseling. Christian and I also take the decision not to have children and saw surgery as the most effective, risk free procedure and on August of 2006 I got a tubal sterilization. My mom and dad were forced to accept our wedding and my dad traveled for the ceremony and we reunited after 5 years of separation.

God provided for a wonderful, magical wedding ceremony and honey moon trip. By the time we got married my husband and I had already been serving in ministry for three years as youth leaders and had gotten bible school training but we had never been disciple nor dealt with the spiritual bondages of our childhood and ancestors. So we tried to get through our marriage as best as we could but it was never easy. On August 2007 we founded Christians Ministries as a religious non-profit organization dedicated to youth outreaches and missionary trips. My husband made many trips to Mexico and even Kenya, Africa and we began doing youth camps in 2008 among many other youth events, concerts, and retreats. I was trying to manage life, going to school, taking care of my house, serving in our ministry and in the church while inside I was never well. I still was haunted by insecurities, fears, low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts. For the most part of 2010, after I completed my student teaching I fall into a deep depression that didn't even allowed me to even start my thesis to complete my masters degree in history. I was able to hide it for the most part and even though I would spent most of the day alone and in bed, nobody noticed I was dying spiritually. All of my spiritual bondages led me to a nervous breakdown on April 2011 when after a morning heated fight with my husband when I came back from work I decided to leave my house. That night, as my husband was attending a youth meeting, I returned home and packed my bags and came to my mother's house. After the first week, I began to contact my husband asking him to forgive me and to give us a second chance. We spent two weeks separated and we came back together.

We tried looking for help with our senior pastor and also sought ministration with a pastor from our former church in Los Angeles and we continue our marriage as best as we could but our underlying issues still remained. On October of 2011 we received an offer to move to a church in Inglewood as ministry assistant to begin a Spanish ministry in an African American church. On January of 2012 we moved to The Dwelling Place as assistant ministers and begin a Spanish Ministry in March of that year. I also started working in the charter school and Child Development Center the church had founded. In May 2012 my mother in law asked us to move out of the front house we rented out from her and where we had lived since we got married due to our talks about moving closer to Inglewood, where we had started serving. In the meantime we were in the process of purchasing a property in South Los Angeles she offered us to move in with her to the back house while we find a house. We placed several offers but none of the properties followed through. In January 2013 we already on escrow for a three unit property but the negotiation fell and we let it go because on the 9th we also got a notification I had an interview for my papers on February 20th at the American Embassy in Nicaragua. We let go of the property and began to prepare for the trip. Christian decides to go with and plans a 3 month trip since we didn't know how long I was supposed to be there. In May 2013 Christian returns to the United States and by July he lets me know that he no longer wishes to continue with me but that he is going to help me out through the process of my legalization. After the Summer Camp of August he tells me that we are going to give it one last chance meanwhile I was seeking psychological counseling and spiritual counseling with a pastora and also attended a spiritual women's retreat.

Christian received prophesies and ministration which led him to begin a church opening on September 5th, 2013 and accepting to give it another try to our marriage. Late September we both traveled to Guatemala to attend a pastor’s conference and celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. On October 23rd I returned to the United States and despite my opposition we continue living with my mother in law. Feeling discourage that I had lost my job and that I was not able to come back to my beloved congregation in Inglewood because Christian did not leave in good terms, I fell on depression again leading to oppression. I became very bitter, angry, and unhappy leading to our marriage to fall apart. As the ministry was growing, our lives were breaking down and on April 4th I escaped from my husband's watch following three days of fighting and abuse. I requested a restraining order after my husband had sent the police to look for me twice on the grounds that I had disappeared and that I was crazy and out of control which led to his arrest and charges of domestic violence. It has now been a month since I have not had any contact with my husband. Though my marriage is broken, God has began to restore my life. I have found a family in Shiloh and in the past 3 weeks I've had what I've always needed, caring pastors who would truly support me and disciple me. I know feel free to serve and love the Lord and His people, I feel secure in the joy of my salvation, and I am moving forward waiting for God's direction but determine to follow Him alone.



My personal experience in detail about discipleship: Learning what is pleasing to God through His word and how to apply it, through the Holy Spirit. Thank you Apostles Puredi and Ruth. They are a living example. Purpose, Perspective, Priority; I have learned every single day first ask God. Constantly, repent and surrender, repent and surrender, repent and surrender. Always be F.A.T; F- for flexible, A- always be available for God's work- stay close to him and listen; and T- be teachable as well as humble and prayerful. Pray for clean hands and a pure heart, every day, please Lord. Righteousness, Peace, Joy with the Holy Ghost. You have to walk in it and live in its daily, thank you Jesus, through His mighty spirit within, greater is He within than he that is in this world. Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit says the lord of hosts; Zechariah 4:6. Everything be done spirit moving, not by people, or any other gods/ idols. Wait on God, through fasting and prayer, getting filled up daily in His Holy word, receiving His love letter, (Revelation, Spirit and truth).

Transformation, thank you Jesus. Being a watchman/ woman, staying at your post. Don't ever give up, be diligent, steadfast and unmovable, persistent and unshakable. Walking by faith not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7, 8; we are confident yes, well pleased, rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord. Believe! While you’re at your post, God is working all things together for His good! Shake it off: Dance every day, don't harbor offensive spirit attitude: Jesus said, “Forgive them, they do not know what they do." Ask for someone’s forgiveness as Gods Holy Spirit gives you discernment. If you have hurt, anger or disappointment, don't allow bitterness to turn into poison! Humble yourself and ask everyone for forgiveness. Jesus forgave 70 times 7, Hallelujah! Let’s treat others how we want to be treated; Forgive, Forgive, Forgive. Greatest of All: 1 Corinthians 13; Unconditional love. No one can out give God; He gave His all, His only begotten son who knew no sin, yet died and rose again to free us of all our sin to live eternity for Him and through Him. Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Always be forgiving and have a repentful heart. For this is pleasing to God almighty, Abba Father.

As our apostles Puredi and Ruth Hillary have told us, live it, don't just read it or speak it. Yield to God's Holy spirit to be this living example to the world, allowing God to bring it 100 fold through His Holy Spirit that lives inside us, whenever, wherever and however God chooses to do so; Just always be in the spirit man so God can use us mightily and for His glory and Honor and Praise in Jesus name, Hallelujah, we are so blessed! Be confident in the truth, no more lies. Know it in your heart, blessed! Every answer is in His mighty Holy word. We must be so hungry for God's love letter of instructions, guidance, promises; every second, every minute, every day, every hour, being equipped for God's glory, our mighty God's work, sharing, caring about our Abba Fathers overflowing love being poured out through His ministry. God's Holy Spirit within us, flowing on to others, to save those lost souls for His kingdom. Eternal love and eternal life through Jesus Christ living in us for His good pleasure; Hallelujah! He's not finished yet, Philippians 1:6. Spank up; so we can get focused back on Jesus, lean our lesson and move on, don't return to the vomit! God disciplines those He loves. Be obedient or we can be easily replaced. Don't let disobedience cause you to be replaced. When worshiping, let it be only from your heart in truth or else dear Lord help me to not sing at all; it must be sincere or not at all.

Clean hands and a pure heart before you Abba Father, my first love, forever. This church is a remnant church, filled with pocket size, handpicked children of God, men and women of the most high, off the back side of the desert. He has bottled up every tear, and brought us all together here at Shiloh tabernacle as such a time as this!! Were super super blessed, above and beyond. We are in the movement of His holy fire, in the center yet we don't even smell like smoke. He is carrying us, filling us overflowing with His spirit, transforming and loving on us, so we smell like a garden of His scent; Heavenly. There is no greater joy! Let’s rejoice, rejoice, rejoice. We must trust Him and obey because there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, we must trust and obey! Hallelujah! Energy and strength from and for Jesus' light to shine so bright for all to see and God receives all the glory, honor and praise. Stay Joyful always, His strength will rise as we worship His holy name. Pentecost lifestyle: Our spirit must be so so full of God's living word. Supernatural example of God's truth flowing out of us, all of the time. Micah 6:8, "What the Lord require of you, to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God." Zechariah 4:6, not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit say's the Lord of hosts. Having a lifestyle of worship, discipline, walking in the third heaven. John 4:23, 24, "Worshiper will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." Apostle Puredi and Ruth Hillary: Spiritual Mother and Father, who have also taught us intimacy with God in action every day.

Abiding in God's word and being doers of Gods holy word, to continue to dwell in Him daily. Falling more and more and more and more in love with our Heavenly Abba Father, as our souls pant for you dear Lord. Our souls thirst for God, for our living God, king of kings, lord of lord and all. Your love and kindness is better than life. Psalm 63:1-8; Choose Godly character over life in the world’s eyes or your own. Be established by the dear Lord’s grace. Nonstop prayer about: the seven mountains of society which are the following: 1. Religion, 2. Family's 3. Education, 4. Media, 5. Government/ Politics 6. Arts/ Entertainment- Hollywood; saving souls for God's kingdom, 7. Businesses- every aspect of society. James 5:16, "The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Psalms 55:17, "evening and morning and noon I will cry aloud, and He shall hear my voice. Thank you Jesus. You are the same today, tomorrow and forever; Hebrews 13:8. We have also learned about meditating: on a well-balanced life; know your identity in Christ who lives inside of me; or else the world, your flesh, and the devil will be whispering lies about who you are. How can we live for Jesus if we don't know who He is inside us for his glory? We also have been taught about the importance of unity; one heart, one mind, one soul. Ephesians 4:2-6, "With all lowliness and gentleness, with long suffering, bearing with one another in love, endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body and one spirit in the bond of peace.

There is one body and one spirit just as you were called in one hope of your calling, one lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in you all." Also Proverbs 21:31, "The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but deliverance is of the lord." Hebrews 11:37-40; God knows exactly what we need! Hebrews 11:37, "they wondered about in sheepskin and goatskins being destitute, afflicted, and tormented- of whom the world was not worthy. They wondered in deserts and mountains, in dens and caves of the earth. Having maintained a good testimony through faith, did not receive the promise, God having provided something better for us, that they should not be made perfect apart from us." God used Apostle Puredi and Ruth to free me with the truth through God's word taking authority over lies, the father of lies which is Satan, and much, much bondage, infirmities, afflictions, affections, soul ties, lacking clarity in my thoughts. 2 Corinthians 10:5 and 6. Pray them to the obedience of Christ. Taking authority over everything that may try to raise its head up against my family, my health, my marriage, my children, and our finances, anything that is not of God and cast it back to the pit of hell where it came from. Hallelujah! I know my God rains, my God gets all of the glory, all of the honor and praise. Let's rejoice! Rejoice! Apostle Puredi and Ruth: also taught us about rejoicing and giving the devil a black eye because the Holy Ghost party don't stop don't stop!

God's spirit and truth takes over and we get so so full of God's anointing presence over flowing from within us, it’s like confirmation of God's love, peace and joy. We don't want it to stop, then were drunk in God's spirit of unconditional love!!! Yielding, surrendering, submitting; my life is no longer mine. Also I learned if I am not willing to go through whatever it is that God's showing or teaching me to do. If I resist it, I can't expect to have an understanding of it, or be able to help others do it, whatever it might be. Always being open to whatever God is doing through me, for His glory and kingdom; His, it is all about Him and not about me. Don't want to get in the way of His mighty great plan. It's above and beyond and perfect in everything. We cannot put Him in a box. Isaiah 5:8, 9; His ways are so, so much higher and greater. Just have to praise His holy name only and always in everything. Which also goes with the reminder of our awesome apostle Puredi and Ruth Hilary. 2 Timothy 1:7, For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love and a sound mind. So we really need to walk that out, and live it; it is to be a lifestyle for God's glory and God's kingdom. God's presence brings freedom, joy, releasement and victory that we can walk in fullness, no more bondage or torment. Thank you our mighty, mighty, savior, healer, deliverer, courser, redeemer, alpha, omega, beginning and end to all things; and so, so much more. Also the importance of being one heart, one mind, one soul together; Ephesians 4:1-6, Walk in Unity and love, one body and one mind just as we were called. Praise God! Praise God!

What a wonderful, wonderful amazing journey as a love gift from God, as long as we always keep Him center focus. Servant's heart: to be great in God's kingdom, heaven, learn to be a servant of God; a servant of all. Not an option! Give your all, be a servant of all for Jesus, to God be all the glory. Be obedient, must be whole heartedly obedient, with your everything, one hundred twenty percent. Servant-hood is an overflowing of love from your heart for God almighty who gave everything to us, even His own son! Therefore we can definitely, willingly go an extra mile or more for Him. Give, give, give, give; He gave it all, no one can out give God. Also do it joyfully, not complaining. Philippians 2:14; it is an honor not burden, thank you Jesus. What a golden opportunity. I believe it is really preparation for all of His glory and honor and praise to come. Holy Ghost party don't stop, don't stop!!! A, B, C’s; A: Adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ, B: broken and contrite spirit, C: Christ centered life. Breathe them in, live them out of our love for Jesus. Let's Rejoice and keep focus. To God be all the glory and so, so much more to come! Only good, the bad is now all behind! Love you with this Holy fire growing within; to love only more, more, more, stronger and brighter, for ever and ever eternally! Praise God, Praise God, Amen, Amen, Amen! Cynthia’s Testimony When I first stepped my foot into Shiloh Tabernacle, it was also an experience of my heart being touch so deeply and sincerely, I could hardly believe it was real. What I was hearing from God's word and what I was seeing was God's love overflow in such a powerful, connecting way; Pentecostal, such beautiful smiles and real warm, meaningful hugs, like never before, ever, in any other church anywhere.

Well maybe my granny's Pentecostal church when I was 3 or 4. So under my breathe I said, "Lord, Lord, is this real, what I’m seeing, what I’m hearing, everyone loving on each other, in spirit and truth, with sincerity in their hearts one to another?" Then I had to stop and ask myself, is this just a feeling, nothing more than a feeling, 100% feeling? So I kept praying about it every day, Shiloh Tabernacle. Each time there would be a bible study, fellowship, discipleship and event to go to all together to share God's love, truth, and save souls; I was so excited I could hardly wait to go to these super celebration services in the Holy ghost filled full of God's love, spirit and truth. Inside me it was like this celebration of this amazing, out of this world and out of this body treasure of love; love this world doesn't even think of or have to offer. Everyone is always looking for love in all the wrong places. God's love is so, so wonderful all you want to do is laugh, dance and sing nonstop; it is overwhelming, it is really hard to even put into words. Only by His holy spirit can we what He has for us and to the fullest; comes down from heaven, from our mighty, unconditionally loving, Ahab Father who has so, so, much more, cup overflowing.

Then pastors, who have been promoted now to Apostle Puredi and Ruth Hillary; Apostle Puredi is an awesome, awesome, anointed by God, teacher, preacher, warm, pure hearted cowboyish Godly character. He is serious yet laughter and joy is his strength. He is so funny, to your very top dollar to get to hang with him, you want to stretch your ears to listen to him preach God's holy living word, and boy can he live it to the core; "always giving notice to the holy spirit who bears witness inside us, spirit filled believers. For God's glory not ours or any other God's. Apostle Ruth, oh my, my; She is always teaching, if you haven't lived it, how can you preach it, or teach it with truth. She says you must go through it first in order to be able to tell or help other. Apostle Ruth is so passionate about everything that has to do with Godliness and unconditional love, showering down here from above, through her heart of God's love. In spirit and in truth as God has given her a new heart, so full of sweet, gentle, deep, depth, distance, deepest part and deeply felt. It's like a spirit heart, spirit man, spirit woman, not a carnal, fleshly heart. So much over flowing, endless waters, like an endless well; God's heart inside her with the desires to see all of the captive be set free in all nations, with such a God given desire to intercede. Intercede face down, seeking God, to the very core. Apostle Ruth is like God's heart Ambulance, Going here there and everywhere, where ever God would lead her and apostle Puredi.

They are always available, always humble and giving, surrendering to our Abba Father to make a huge difference for God's kingdom; Praise, honor and glory to God. Also this holy fire within them is so incredible that it will definitely spread on to you and whoever crosses their paths. You must have an open heart ready and willing to receive. Also our Abba Father's faithfulness is very evident through our apostles and the cries from their hearts to our Lord Jesus; one heart, one soul, which we do believe and agree with how God almighty wants us to pray. Also desiring that our heart would be as God's heart, he wants us caring for each other deeply, always. 1 John 4:17, "Love has been perfected among us in this, that we may have boldness in the Day of Judgment because as He is, so are we in this world."! Hallelujah! What a great promise!! So as we have experienced at Shiloh, time and time again, Apostle Ruth's relationship with God is flat down on her face, morning, noon and night. Psalm 55:17; she pleads aloud with God, and He will hear because of her obedience unto God almighty, and it shows. It is again very evident both Apostle Puredi and Ruth Hillary are equipped for the building of God's army. We will not be whipped, we will march strong and sturdy as our confidence is in our creator who holds the wheel of our lives for his glory, and His love of another kind. So we just can't be quiet at Shiloh Tabernacle, we as a whole body, are real and true as our spiritual Father and Mother, Apostle Puredi and Ruth Hillary; Which I believe is Gods wonderful love through their sincerity, and daily dying to self, we are blessed and benefiting from them, through them and through Christ in them. If that's not something to really, really shout about, then I sure don't know about anything bigger or better, fulfillment forever, and ever eternally. How about you reading this be challenged, do yon have anything in your life to be excited about? Do you have Jesus as you Lord and savior? Romans 10:9-13, "Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Believe in Him, Confess Him as your Lord and Savior, confess with your heart, and believe with your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." When you do that, there are literally honors, dancing, singing going on in heaven for your eternal salvation! WoooooHooooo! Get excited! Get delivered! Get filled with God's Holy Spirit, holy fire, God's Chicana glory. We are free now for Him to increase and us decrease! I too was one who God had placed upon my heart, mind and soul to pray morning, noon and night for the captive to be set free and nations be free, saved for God's glory as God wills; yet the enemy was working overtime through my main family at my home, where God has me as mother 23 years and a wife for 24 years and as of July 2013, I have my first grand baby. God is so, so good. He knows exactly what is needed, every second of everyday. He is truly above and beyond everything and all things. King of Kings, Lord of Lords; let’s have a Holy Ghost party, it don't stop don't stop, the Holy Ghost party don't stop! God's spirit is truly living within us, for His purpose, His perspective and let’s keep Him priority of everything, every day, in every way! So please allow God's Holy Spirit to fill you up, overflowing, in His mighty name, His mighty spirit, and truth, praying fervently always; and worshiping, singing, praises, jumping up and down and all around. Be transformed every day, into His glory and perfect love, it is far greater than what this old world has to offer; and God lead all of us at Shiloh Tabernacle and have Apostle Puredi and Ruth Hillary be the heads and we are under them as God's will is being done.

With God's perfect love being poured out and shared mightily! So which do you choose? Getting right with God, or getting left? Come on it is an easy choice; Repent and forgive everyone who hurts you! God has so, so much more for us, as we believe only in Him. Submitting to authorities, obeying God every day, as we believe only in Him. Only by a disciplinary Pentecostal lifestyle, dying to self wants, having only Christ- like mind set, walking in Spirit and truth. We must be surrendering daily as transformation takes place and allowing our spirit man to rise up and take over. Zechariah 4:6, "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord." Amen, Amen! Then at very end, I pray and ask God to continue filling and anointing Apostle Puredi and Ruth Hillary with even more protection, more of the very fullest that God has for them, as it continues to overflow like God's holy word says it will happen. Be like endless living water as deep cries out!! Lord please give me more, the powerful overflowing of God's love never ended. And we as believers are chosen to partake! What a living treasure! And so, so, so much more to come.



Before coming to God, my life was a mess! I only knew pain, heartbreak and unforgiveness. I was brought up in sorrow and bitterness was my life’s song. I am the oldest of 3 girls, so needless to say, I caught most of the “heat” when the fires of hell would come in like a whirlwind. Both my mother and my father were drug addicts. My father was also an alcoholic and would go into intense rages at times. It seemed as though he was possessed. He would literally turn all red, his eyes would bulge out like daggers and pierce you, and his voice would literally change to something so demonic, it would give you the chills. Before the age of 6, I had literally underwent every type of abuse there is. By the age of 8, I was taking care of both my younger sisters; cleaning house, feeding them, bathing them, even potty training my youngest sister. A lot of times I would get smacked around or yelled at for not doing simple things correctly.

I guess that’s where the spirit of inferiority came in. It was about this time that my mother got so bad on drugs that she threw mine and my sisters things out on the lawn and told my dad to take us. I remember that so clearly. The spirit of rejection was so heavy at that point. The enemy made it appear to be so clear, that at such a young age, I was mistake. We moved to East Los Angeles to live with my dad’s parents. They were both very old by this time and didn’t have the patience or strength to really establish a true foundation. It was more like, “ok your mom didn’t want you girls, so I guess we have to take you.” That statement seemed to come up a lot from various people in our family. It seemed as though no matter how hard I tried, or how much I cleaned, or much I cried, it was never enough.

The spirit of resentment and bitterness was so easily established. My father was always in and out of jail, so by the age of 11, I was going to parent conferences for my sisters. School was no picnic either. One thing that I look back on, is how there are many generational curses of anger, rage, unforgiveness, and a false sense of pride that tries to overcompensate a feeling of inferiority flowing through so many who live in underprivileged neighborhoods (ghetto’s). And since it’s established in the homes, that’s all the child knows and thus reacts according to what they’re used too. So because fighting was a way to show your “status” or how “down” you were, walking away was not an option! Even if you knew you were about to get a “beat down”. It meant more for you to take it then to run away. So my dad, would tell me “ok, you’re small so people are going to try to pick on you! So you got to fight, no matter what!” He would have us stand inches in front of the wall and practice windmills (blocking) while standing in a “full horse” (Kung Fu term) without touching our bodies or the wall. When his friends would come over and they had sons, he would have me fight them to learn how to take a hit and not let it affect or weaken me. When we would get hurt, as children, our first natural reaction is to cry (obviously) but with my dad he would say, “Ahh-Uhh…No crying! What do the ninja’s do?” So we would have to suppress the cry and breathe in and out deeply until the cry would go and anger built up. Ahh, the spirit of rage. My closest friend for so many years, but, my worst enemy all along.

By the age of 16, I had tried committing suicide 3 times. And in my mind, because I couldn’t go through with it, I was a failure, not recognizing that it was God’s grace. All through my childhood, the days seemed long and the nights never-ending. I would sit and cry for hours, asking God why He made me, if He knew my life was going to be this way! I thought He was my enemy. I would ask God to kill me if he, indeed, was merciful. As my figure developed and I entered into high school, all of a sudden, I was getting all this (seemingly good) attention I desired. And the fascinating things a 16 year old girl desires, like going out clothes, shoes and make-up were being made available to me. By 18, my boyfriend at the time bought me my first car. I thought, finally, I know how to get what I need/want, not knowing that Satan was riding “shot-gun” the whole time. That lustful –Jezebel spirit is so sly, it had me captivated and has so many young girls and women in bondage!

By the age of 20, I was pregnant and miserable! One thing I was certain of, was that I would not be the type of parent my parents were! So the REAL struggle began! When you’re young, you don’t realize how much having a child changes everything! But no matter how much I tried not showing my daughter the same life-cycle, it was inevitable, because I didn’t truly know who God really is. So the bitterness, anger, depression etc. my mother once felt, I was now feeling. And that same venom I felt as a child, she was now feeling. How awful, thank God for repentance!!! By the age of 24, my son was born and instability turned into chaos! This was the absolute worse point for me as a mother. My husband and I were so twisted and turned upside down in all aspects of our lives, that he finally said, “I can’t do this anymore!” So on Father’s Day of 2008, he asked me to leave with the kids. I spent that whole first month sobbing and wallowing in depression. Until my sister told what are you doing? Your kids don’t deserve this from you! Get up and do something with yourself, if not for you then for them! So that weekend she took me out “clubbing” (dancing) and it was the beginning of the end!! I had forgotten how good it felt to be desired. There’s that lustful spirit again, creeping its’ way back up to the surface. I started going to school again and from that weekend on, I thought, “I’ll never break down again!” I grew stronger and more prideful by the day but, after dating so many men, that emptiness still wasn’t filled and I began to grow dry and ponder if there’s something else other than this. My husband and I got back together (for our kids) despite everyone’s opposition, and like the world assumed, it was worse! One of the biggest habits he had, besides doing drugs and drinking, was cheating. It was the very thing that caused our separation from the beginning. At that point I could care less, his cheating justified my cheating.

I started to become the very thing I despised him for being! I was returning evil with evil. I was dying inside with each breathe I took. One night my husband got so “high” on meth, that he says’ that the room went dark and he heard a voice saying “seek Me”. He didn’t sleep the whole night, and when I woke in the morning he said we need to go to church! So we did as a sort-of last attempt to salvage anything left in our marriage. That’s was the day he gave his life to Christ! I remember he broke so hard, it was unbelievable! I thought, “Yay, right! Let’s see how long this lasts.” So that whole week until the following Sunday, I went at him hard! That was like “hell week” for him I think. It was those contrasting spirits! So the following Sunday comes, and I’m thinking he didn’t fight with me this whole week. Man, I want that peace! So during praise and worship, I broke! I gave my life to God, my First Love! I, honestly, fell in love with the Lover of my soul. So of course the enemy hits hard. My body is afflicted like never before. I have all these health problems that doctors can’t diagnose. And I know nothing about spiritual warfare. Until we came to Shiloh Tabernacle Church. No one from that other church even bothered to know what was going on. The missed our tithing, according to the emails, but didn’t once check to see why we stopped attending. Pastors from Shiloh came to see me at the hospital and prayed for me. We visited shortly after I was released and how the Spirit of God flowed in the atmosphere was addicting.

Apostle Puredi always says, “There’s no “high” like the Most High!” It’s so TRUE! There were such powerful words spoken to our family from that first day. Things that no one would know other than God! I got delivered from all those unclean spirits who, for years, dwelled within me. I learned how to take a Godly rebuke. That makes me chuckle, because my beloved Apostle Ruth would say, “repent is a word she knows all too well!” I got to say, the first 2 years I thought I wasn’t going to make in such a Spirit filled church! It’s like a Holy Ghost boot camp! It’s one thing to read the Bible, but a-whole-nother thing to live it! Being pruned by God isn’t easy, by far, but it’s definitely worth it! Discipleship is much more than knowing how to quote verses and who can “ace” a test. It’s about being obedient to God as His Spirit leads us. It’s keeping Gods law written on the tablets of ours hearts. It’s definitely about being willing to break at the altar and surrender all to Him, regardless of the circumstances. It’s learning how to overcome the “Goliath’s” in our lives but also discern and rebuke the “pin pricks” of the past. As we grow with God, the more our Apostles and Pastors encourage us to teach and disciple our children. I see the fruit in our kids, who are 11 and 7, that would never before want to be up on stage, but now, they both praise and worship Jesus and have even started preaching the Word of God. They have, by the grace of God, been used to lead people (even their own friends and classmates) to the Lord.

We are all becoming more sensitive to the Spirit of God and understanding the importance of not grieving the Holy Spirit. We now know how to stand in the authority of the Holy Spirit over anything not of God and are teaching our children to do the same. When sickness comes, they’re the first ones to say, “No, I rebuke this in the name of Jesus. I am super healed super blessed!” The Lord has even used them to rebuke us when we’re becoming sluggish in the things of God. Throughout discipleship at church, we have learned to make praise and worship an everyday necessity in our home. Because it’s through praise and worship that the Spirit of God is ushered in. We maintain ourselves in the presence of God through His word as well as through prayer and intercession. We have become more united as a household with Jesus being our “Holy Ghost Glue”. With all that I could be in the natural, I know I’m nothing without God! And the deeper God goes the more pruning He does. It’s that beloved refining fire of God that leads us into perfection. So all that I’ve gone through as an individual, from a child until now, is worth this very moment, where I can call myself a child of the Most High God!



One morning Apostle Ruth called me and said,” God morning mighty women of God, I could see you worshiping the Lord. I literally turned around and said,” you can?!” I had been worshipping the Lord in my living room, and for a second I forgot about the kingly anointing on her. She said,” Apostle Puredi and I prayed about whom we should disciple and God told us both that it is you. If you are serious we want you to come now.” So I packed my bags not really knowing what to expect and wondering if I could even do this. Once I arrived at their house, I felt very nervous but I shook it off. Apostle Ruth told me which room I was staying in and that we will meet at 8:00am to read the word!

Morning came and everybody in the house came downstairs to read the word together. I had no idea what to expect, I thought it was just going to be Apostle Ruth and me. I told her that I didn’t want to be in the front preaching, that I was fine with just being a servant. She told me I know that’s why God wants to put you in the front lines. She had me read 2 timothy 1:2,” Preach the word, be instant in season, out of season, reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.” Everyone else also read a word and then Apostle Puredi prayed for all of us. Then it was time for lunch and I was very surprised to see Pastor Richie and Pastor Andrew helping out, and Apostle Ruth said,’’ everyone serves in the house!” A 911 came in for Pastor Jesse and Pastor Maria for healing their body. Apostle Ruth said,” God said we need to go to their house and pray for them.” I love the way the Apostle’s pray and the power that comes forth. Apostle Ruth then told me to pray for both of them and I was super nervous, but I had to step out in faith and know that God was going to use me no matter what! The Lord gave me a word for both of them. Pastor Jesse’s word was about the ten that has leprosy and one came back to thank Jesus, he was that one God said. He was healed and made whole. As Pastor Maria dances and continues to worship God her legs will be healed. It was a powerful night of prayer and I thank God for using me like he did. There was another 911 for Pastor Irene’s son; he lost his way in hiking in the mountains.

Again Apostle Ruth said to go and I was so excited! Halfway up the mountain Apostle Ruth said to call Pastor Irene so we can meet her. We met her at the ranger station, Apostles’ prayed with her and the Lord said he would be back by 6:30. There was a restaurant across the street and we decided to go over there and wait for him. Just as we were getting our food the ranger car came up to the restaurant flashing the lights and Pastor Irene’s so came out of the car! We all clapped and thanked God because he arrived at 6:30 just like he said! I was so amazed to see how the power and anointing worked so quickly through them. Everything they ask in prayer God always answers mightily and quickly. Being the Apostle’s house was amazing and fun. Everything we did the center of it all was always God. They truly are a blessing in my life and am thankful for all that they have done for my family and I. while I was with them it just seemed like all the gifts of the spirit were in full force ready to go and do whatever God told us to do. It was a blessed time and I know the Lord will bless them 100 folds more for what they have done in my life.



I have been going to Shiloh Tabernacle Church for about 6 years. Before that, I had been going to another church for almost 15 years. I was active there. I was always in bible classes, teaching Sunday school, and serving in the church. I was going thru a divorce after 30 years of marriage when I first came to Shiloh Tabernacle. At 57 years old, I was devastated, felt all alone, lost and afraid. I turned around and was running. I was running for my life. I was running fast. I felt that if after 30 years man could still leave you, I was not going to run to another man. I knew another man could not fix me inside. I knew I had to run and only run to God, because my emotions were so out of control and ran before I got out of control. I knew I did not want to sink. That’s how I felt.

I went to church council to help me, but was not getting anywhere fast enough. I need help fast, now. I was sinking fast. I know God had been drawing me closer to him over the past few years, but I was not truly committed until the divorce. A friend invited me to a home bible class held at her home. She had also recently been going thru her divorce. All I did there was cry and cry and cry. Looking back, I was in a self-pity party. But did not know how to get out of it. Then another friend invited me to another bible class at Shiloh Tabernacle at the Apostle Puredi and Ruth home 50 miles away. Fifty miles, that was too far. But there was something different about that friend. So I went with her. I thought ok, there must be something there at Shiloh Church. I did not know where else to go closer to home, since at my church I was not getting the help I was needing. I remember, I know I was purposely going with expectancy.

I did not want to sink. I wanted more of God. So on a Friday night I went to bible class. I walked in my apostles’ home and everyone was praising the Lord. With such reverence, love and humility. The Praise and Worship touched me in such a deep, profound way, that when I left that first night, I felt like there was hope to my hopelessness feelings, of depression, despair, my emotions, fears, anxiety, could I make it on my own. When my ex-husband left I did not feel confident in myself that at my age I could make it on my own. I knew there was a God, but I looked at my husband to carry me thru life. I’d always had my ex-husband physical there to help me with the issues of life. I was living in the natural, not in the supernatural. Praising and Worshipping God seemed like I was giving my burdens away to someone else to carry then. Like, here, you deal with them because I sure can’t and I’m not going down because of man (someone else).

Emotionally I was giving away my pain and sorrows. When Pastors would do the bible study, it would seem like what they were preaching was something do able. Even in my lowliness, their words penetrated, deep down to the core of my spirit. I was not only starting to learn more about God, but know he loves me so much, that I was not alone. I could literally feel the love of God, surrounding me. I could forgive my ex-husband, and forgive myself for my part of the breakup of the marriage. Not fully understanding what was happening, but the praise and worships, the bible study, the burdens started to drop from my spirit. My eyes, heart, my spirit was opening feeling such freedom in Him. Love, love I had never felt before. My flesh still wanted to go back to my self-pity parties, but at Shiloh, I could not stay there very long. I did not understand everything, because it was so different from what I was used to, going to church. I learned the devil is still there, working harder, waiting to take me back. Pastors would always give me a word, of what God wanted me to know.

My spirit was even more encouraged. I was praising, worshipping, singing, and dancing before the Lord. God’s word started to become alive. How to apply God’s word in my life. I stopped going to my church and started going to Shiloh Tabernacle on Friday bible class and on Sunday. Now going to Shiloh Friday and Sunday was a double blessing. Praise and worship was getting to know who God is, who I am in him. The burdens did not seem so overwhelming. I was learning how to be less if me and more of what was Gods purpose for me. Pastors encouraged me to know God, Gods word, how to apply it applied to me. God’s word started to become alive as I would read it. God’s word opens another level of understanding, wisdom, and discernment. God’s word pushes you to move forward, toward victory In Him. As I said, life is issues of ups and downs. A couple of years later, I was diagnosis with cancer. Cancer! I felt like the doctors were talking about someone else, not me. I was just coming out of one roller coaster. But my Apostles always encouraged me up in the God’s word. They taught me not to receive the devils lies. Not to claim or receive the doctors diagnosis. The devil never sleeps, He does not quit. I felt that if God could take me thru the divorce, He would get me thru the cancer and heal me. He did. I had peace no fear before surgery.

I learned God has a sense of humor. The night before going to the hospital, I packed my make-up, curlers, hair dryer, a couple of change of clothes. Lots of laughs!! After surgery, that lying devil was right there, trying to take me back to a self-pity party. I had to reach down deep in my spirit and rebuke that devil and cast him back to the pit of hell. God brought to remembrance God’s always in control when we allow him. God showed me man leaves you, but God never does. He was healing my physical body as well as my spiritual health. Praise the Lord. The following year, I was back in the hospital due to complications of radiation treatment. I seeked God even more. It was a shorter recovery, if he got me thru the other times, why not this also. I learned to keep my focus on HIM. Not look at the natural, what was happening in the natural. This too would pass. Everything else passed. Why not this too. My apostle taught me to press forward. Even though those trials come, I cannot forget, what God has done for me and delivered me and give to Him all the Glory in the Victory he has brought me to. The start of healing was almost immediate. I wanted more of this release, freedom of the spirit.

I was walking by faith in what I could not see, but what my spirit was feeling, freedom, victory on the way. God still has a purpose God has for me. Just as Jesus taught His disciples, when He left, go feed my sheep, greater miracles will you do in my name. While I am about His business, he is taking care of me and my family. I don’t forget what he has gotten me thru that I want to continue to serve him and his sheep. I purposed in my heart to become available, teachable and flexible with my Apostle’s. Thru Discipleship, my Apostles not only went thru the bible, but also allowed me to preach, teach, and serve others. Just as Jesus did. I have not been a bench warmer, but have been given the opportunity to go out and feed the poor, the homeless. Go out and evangelize. They have taught me how to lead others to Christ for their salvation. My apostles have guided me thru the bible, teaching me what God says. How it applies to me today. To own it. Become accountable to what I have learned, love it, use it, apply it, share it (don’t keep it to myself) Carry it everywhere I go. Being that light we I am for God. Then not only teach me, but also rebuke me in love. They have taught me make God number 1 in my life, Mind body and soul. Not man. My source to be God. People fail you, but not God. They have taught me to serve others, love others, forgive other, love myself, and forgive myself, repentance. Oh repentance! And Forgiveness! Always! They have taught me to stir up the talents and gifts that God has given me. Stirring up the fruits of the Spirit and gifts of the Spirit. Ever expanding my borders.

Preaching behind the pulpit. (To stir hearts and change lives). Thru the Arts and Entertainment? Can anyone learn something new? I felt like, I’m too old for this; I just want to retire, do things at my pace. But God has other plans. I’ve learned to be flexible, available and teachable. It’s my choice. I’ve learned hosting a TV program, acting in a TV show. I’ve been taught singing, acting, modeling, how to dress, and make-up techniques. How to walk, caring my body with confidence. Behind the scenes, operating camera, taking still pictures, setting up and tearing down video equipment. Given the opportunity to learn an instrument. Setting up and tearing down the stage before and after taping of TV shows at Alma Vision, the Cross. Sitcoms for the TV shows also at Alma Vision, and the Cross TV. Participating at TBN TV network, being part of the audience. Reaching the nations. Where can one go and be exposed to all this creativity all in one place. Only at Shiloh Tabernacle, that is!!! Free... Just investing my time, my willingness to learn and to be teachable. Serving God, catching the vision He has given my Apostles. Making myself available, teachable and flexible. Thru it all, the trials I have gone thru, in and out of hospital after the divorce, and being diagnosed with cancer, I’m moving forward with God’s Grace. Reaching forward, pushing forward, building, growing higher in the Character of Christ. Easy? No. Possible? Yes. Attainable? Yes. All things are possible thru Christ. Thru my testimony, I pray to be an encouragement to others that trials and tribulations will come as God’s word says, but as we keep our focus on God, we can live Victorious in HIM. I am 63 years old, looking forward to my retirement from my secular job.

I want to use all I’ve learned at Shiloh Tabernacle Church that my Apostles have taught me. Being on my Godly post, right where God needs me to be. Serving, loving, caring for others. Bringing God’s children to Christ. I can see God’s hand in my life, orchestrating my life. He had to break me, humble me, taking me right where he wants me to be, drawing me to Himself. Praise the Lord, I listened. I had to become a willing vessel. I want to thank God for bring me to the hospital of Shiloh. For the obedience of my Apostles, being at their godly post. Doing what God has lead them to do for his Kingdom and Glory, healing the lowly in heart. For not giving up on us, that are lost without an intimate relationship with God. I am ever so grateful for their love, patience, persistence, ever caring, encouraging me to press forward, grow in relationship with God, and not afraid to share their lives with me. I’ve learned to love my church family as my own blood family. They hurt, I hurt. I’ve been taught to be an encouragement to them as well as to the souls outside the church walls. To have the burden for lost souls and go to the nations, whether physically or thru the Arts and Media.



Growing up in a Christian home, I have always been told about the do's and don’ts of Christianity and never about the love and grace of God. All I knew about Christianity was I have to follow all the rules so people will see me as a “good Christian”. Somewhere along the way I grew tired of keeping up with all of it so I looked to the world for answers, comfort and happiness—drugs, alcohol, sex—everything the world offered to bring instant gratification that last for a moment, but the effects linger and follow you everywhere. Life in the world is full of torment, regrets, hatred, betrayal, pain, and scars that play a constant reminder of your failures.

Years later at 16 years old I was pregnant, but God is so merciful and full of grace that He did not allow any thought of abortion to cross my mind. I knew deep inside God will always be there to take care of me. I have been a single mother since I was 17 years old. I finished graduate school and now working at place I thoroughly enjoy and still able to share the love of Jesus. My son, Joshua, is now 15 years old and we are joyfully serving God together at Shiloh Tabernacle Church. Praise the Lord! I can truly say and completely agree with Apostle Paul when he declared, “I am who I am only by the grace of God”. God somehow turned my disappointments to divine appointments with Him and He continues to do it. God has welcomed me in His presence with no questions asked. He has captured my heart and He refuses to let me go.

I God is so faithful, even during those times I was trying to escape from His love, He still pursued me and relentlessly pulled me back to His loving arms. He never gave up on me. He received me back in His arms in spite of all that I have done. Even to this day He is always so quick to forgive me when I make a mess of things. I can never understand how a God so powerful and mighty would want to have a relationship with someone like me. How could a God so great willingly take my mess and redesign it to a message of His grace? He does not need me and yet He wants all of me. His wrath that I so deserved He put on His One and Only Son, Jesus, to bear on the cross for me so I can have an intimate relationship with Him. I am so amazed by the goodness of God. He shows me how much He truly loves me in many ways and each time it is always different – usually when I least expect it, especially when I feel like I do not deserve it. I cannot imagine living my life without Him now that I have tasted and seen the sweetest of all loves.

He allowed two very important and essential people to nurture, encourage, guide, confirm, push and rebuke when necessary, to enter my life. I am super blessed to have Apostles Puredi and Ruth Hillary a part of my growth walk with Christ Jesus. The apostles have shown and taught me how to passionately pursue the presence of God, grow more in love with Jesus, and continuously be filled with the power of Holy Spirit. I have seen and experienced the love of the Father here at Shiloh Tabernacle through the apostles, pastors, youth, children…the whole entire church body. Even though at times we do not agree on certain issues, we can still ask God and each other for forgiveness and continue to work together in unity to reach others to come in to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I will continue to praise God for all the leaders that have accepted the call of God in their lives because they have been very instrumental and an important piece in leading those who were spiritually lost, blind, and dry to a place of hope, abundance, love, joy, peace, grace in Christ Jesus.



As a child I grew up Catholic. I always knew of God but did not have a relationship with my creator. I knew of Jesus but never encountered His love. I grew up in a broken home, my dad was violent towards my mom & my parents were separated when I was years old. For the longest it was just me and my younger sister. My dad wasn't around often and my mom was too busy partying with her friends. My grandparents were the ones who watched over me and my sister. Even though they had them shown me the love my parents didn't show me, I still felt rejected. I felt forgotten and unwanted. I tried to push those feelings aside and move on but I was hurting inside. Little by little I was becoming depressed and felt alone, by the time I was 13 I was having suicidal thoughts. I remember thinking to myself "what am I still doing here?'', "why am I still alive?''. My sister was one the closest people I could trust because she also felt the way I felt.

My mom always had unhealthy relationships and always had friends over. I felt as if she would chose the men over me, it was the worse feeling ever. Then my mom met my stepdad and was pregnant with my little brother. When I found out about my mother being pregnant, I didn't even want to look at her. I was disappointed with her and I didn't want to be a part of her life anymore. I wanted to move to Texas to live with my grandparents, I wanted out. But I was still underage and couldn't make that decision for myself. As for me and my father, we never had a close relationship and he never once told me he loved me. He re-married and didn't tell me or my sister, but we had found out and never confronted him about it. I guess I wanted to see how long he would keep this from us. I was in a very dark and depressed time of my life, as a kid I always prayed to God and hoped that one day He would hear my prayers.

Then when I was 15 years old, one day out of the blue, I talked to my dad and for the first time he told me that he loved me. I was speechless, I still remember the feeling I had when I heard those words come out of his mouth. I nearly cried. That day was a very special day for me, I didn't feel as rejected as I once did. Then a little after I had just turned 16 was when I met my beloved apostles, some of the greatest and most loving people I have ever met. The first time I met Apostle Ruth I also met the Lover of my soul. I accepted Jesus into my heart and ever since that day, I have been walking with the Lord. Never have I encountered such a love like His. He became everything I had longed for. His love was exactly what I needed, He was the one to fill my emptiness inside. He delivered me out of my depression, shyness and sorrow. The Lord brought restoration to my family and restored mine and my parents’ relationship. I can't thank God enough for all that He has done! He has also brought salvation to my family and is still doing more restoration and transformation in all of us. THE LORD IS GOOD!!



Hi my names Katreena and I am 18 years old. I've been with apostles Puredi and Ruth since 2009. I still remember the first day they prophesied over me, Apostle Ruth had told me “you’re going to be singing, dancing, and playing all kinds of instruments for the Lord." I looked at her confused and said " oh no, I think you’re talking about my little sister Ana. She's the one that likes to play guitar." she laughed and said” no you too. I can see it "it's truly amazing to see how great of impact act they've made in my life and so many others. I never grew up going to church or knew who God was, to me going to church was just a waste of time. Remember being little and going to church a couple times but I never learned anything about God or anything in the bible. Growing up my parents were alcoholics and would drink a 12 pack of beer a day and still wake up in the morning and go to work. My parents didn't know how to show us love so we grew up without it and we didn’t know to receive it. Growing up I was bullied a lot I had no friends and was always the outcast. I would come home crying almost every day. All the bullying led to deep depression and as I became a teenager and started high school it led to suicidal thoughts and I began cutting myself.

One day it came to the point where I took a bottle of pills and just waited to die but being in this ministry and what my parents had been taught they were able to pray for me and that spirit of death left me. Being at this church has taught me so much and being discipled has made a tremendous difference in my life individually and the life of my family. If I had to go through all this again I would definitely do it but this time I would listen to everything they spoke to me and warned me about. Being discipled and staying at the apostles was an amazing experience, they are the same person you see preaching on Sunday and the same person you see at their house. They aren't faking any of it. While I was their every morning apostle Ruth would be the first awake and I would help her make breakfast. Everyone learns how to cook and clean there. When apostle Puredi would come down we would all pray as a family then we would all eat. After we ate we would have bible study and everyone would take turns standing up to preach. After we would either run errands or do what we had to do for the day and when it was time to prepare for dinner everyone would come and help out.

After we ate we would have another bible study and share what God has given us for that day. After bible study we would watch movies because apostle Puredi loves his movies and popcorn. It's a blessing to have two spiritual parents that want to teach you everything they know and are not afraid to share the pulpit. All they want is for you to grow in the ways of the lord with clean hands and a pure heart. I came into that church as a broken, depressed, suicidal, angry, hurt teenager that cuts herself and came out a totally changed person. They taught me how to love others and to love myself. They taught me that only through God can my life change they always told me to press through everything and come out smiling. No it wasn’t easy but it was totally worth every tear I cried. I went from having no relationship with my parents to being able to open up and talk to them. I remember teaching the children one day and they were talking about Jonah and the whale and I had no idea what they were talking about. I literally knew nothing about the bible but now I can actually teach my nephew about this story and it’s amazing how a 2 year old boy can repeat the story to someone. I just can't thank apostles enough for giving me the opportunity to be discipled and learn more about God the only thing I can do is keep walking in the ways of the lord and continue to be obedient to God and them. I love you momma and papito so much thank you for everything you have done for my family.



I am Lisa, I have been transformed from being a person who used to feel oppressed, depressed and rejected. I didn’t feel I had love. I had a bondage of alcohol; I was insecure and disappointed and my marriage was a mess. I just felt like giving up and I began searching for love in all the wrong places. At that time, I knew and believed in Jesus but I never knew the things that I know now. Being discipled and taught, I now know that Jesus is alive and he can set us free and we can love all people. Apostle's Puredi and Ruth surely give their all too all who are willing and wanting to learn. They personally give openly everything to us. Being discipled as a JCPC (Jesus Christ Power Couple) with my husband in their home was scary for me at first, let me tell you why. I didn’t know what to expect. The unknown. I was going to be delivered, I was going to be exposed and I was afraid; But I still went and pressed through, also part of what we were taught. I wanted to be discipled and anticipated for the challenges and wanted to fellowship with them. I was always used to relying on my husband for everything; Demanding and controlling, not trusting him. We loved each other but I had so many walls that were built up that ended up causing more bad than good.

My family was being torn up in front of me and I never even saw it. I saw how in the pastors house, they all helped each other, prayed together, cooked and cleaned together, preached and read the word together, and overall just worked in one accord with peace and love. Pastor Ruth prayed for me and told me to let go of the hurt and it’s not fair to Oscar to not forgive him completely, besides my mess was not caused by him in the first place .This was so hard for me to do. I cried and went upstairs and spoke to God and said Lord if she really hears from you, have her come up here because I was being filled with all these messed up emotions and so very mad at her for this, sure enough there was a knock on the door as soon as I spoke to the Lord she came and apologized and told me she loved me. This is the boldness in love to help me let go and be free to love. Today I can say that without doubt I am truly a new person these Pastors truly give the love and the correction of a Shepherd's heart I love them dearly greatly appreciate their discipleship and servants of heart .I now forgive all people love them all and have renewed my vows and really love my husband more than ever have grown to have a great relationship with Jesus and family restoration .This is a work in progress God is not done with us yet we are being renewed and transformed daily. Our struggles are built with a positive outcome for Gods glory .I thank the Lord for sending me to these awesome anointed apostle and Shiloh family.



I grew up in Vietnam as a Buddhist with divorced parents at 10 months old. Most of the time I lived with my grandparents, because my mom worked three jobs. From what I remember, I always took care of myself, helped myself with schoolwork and every other things I needed. When I was eleven years old, my mom, Holly, met a Vietnamese guy that lived in America through a friend and eventually, they got married and that’s when I first stepped into America. I was living in Pomona, California with my mom, my step dad and two step-siblings. Nathan, who is my little brother, was born in 2004. He’s technically my half-brother because we don’t have the same dad but to me, he’s my full blood brother. As years gone by, my mom had gotten her Cosmetologist license, but during this time she had also got into her second divorce with Nathan’s dad. Then we moved out during the same week and my responsibility became greater, especially with Nathan because at that moment, my mom had to look for more work and got into several jobs again to support her, Nathan and myself. I can honestly say I had to grow up earlier than any other average teenager. Had a lot of things thrown at me and I had no choice but to take care of it. I had to quit high school for a year to babysit Nathan while my mom worked. On the other hand, I also did what teenager do which are partying, drinking, and drugs.

My mom at that time was so fed up about everything so on the weekend when my brother would go with his dad, she would go out with her friends. So that left me with a mentality I can do whatever I want, my mom is not home anyways. I would tell her I’m spending the night at my friend’s house so I didn't have to come home early. I went out, with all of my older friends. They picked me up, take me to different parties, gave me different drinks to try. They were older so they had money, I didn't have to pay for anything so it was even more fun for me. We went to raves, tickets that cost two, three hundred of dollar, took ecstasy and been with some guys throughout my high school years. Became a Christian: January 2010. I met Paul during my senior year of high school, he’s the one that introduced me to God and also my boyfriend until this day. Yes he is a Christian but didn't really walk in it. We did what an arising couple would do. Had sex and what not. I remember the first day I went to Shiloh Tabernacle, Pastor Puredi and Ruth was not there, but they came toward the end and of course, they prayed for me, pretty much tell me my whole life story and what happened to me in the past. I cried!!!! It definitely amazed me. That's how I knew there was Real God. Pastor Ruth said everything, it was on point!!!! Clearly it had to be from God because I hadn't even shared with Paul about what happened to me in my past. Got slain in the spirit and became a Christian.

When I felt the love of God, it was something I've never felt before. I didn't want to lose the feeling, it overwhelmed me with so much joy, and I loved it. I can honestly say I submitted to God right away and until this day, I'm glad I did it. Some people takes longer to obey and submit, but for me, I was overload with joy and wanted more. It's not easy living a Christian lifestyle but it is so worth it. Every time I get home from church, it would be late, my mom would say something to me. Not too pleasant to hear by the way. Since I lived in Orange County and church was in Rancho Cucamonga, whenever church was over, it would still take me another hour to get home and our service take place around 6 to midnight, depend on how the Holy Ghost moves. She usually threaten me, takes stuff away from me, sometimes, there would be physical punishment being done. It was hard for her to believe that I came from church because she said what kind of church ends at midnight and is 5, 6 hours long. She would accused me of lying and that I was at a party. You would think the parents will be happy because their kids are going to church instead of out partying on a Friday night. I gave up all my relationships, family situations, party life, my wants, my desire, and served God. But it turned out; I wasn’t serving Him to the fullness.

Even though I already had to give up a lot, completely cut off every contacts with my old friends, no partying, doing drug, drinking alcohol. It was hard since I just turned 18 when I begin to have a real relationship with God. That was the age to go crazy if you think about it in this world. I would receive phone calls and invites, my cousin is a club promoter so I would of go clubbing for free, guest list but like I said before, looking back, I really am glad that I submitted to God right away or else I’ll be dead or overdose at one of those raves that I used to go to especially I didn't even have to pay for the drug because my ex-boyfriend used to sell them so I get them for free. So the devil really was blessing me when I was in the world, he was pretty much waiting to kill me. As time goes on, there was still more to give up because I was not giving up the most obvious thing which was sex. I’m being honest. We were having sex. God knows everything and he shows Pastor Ruth everything. Every now and then, I would get a call from Pastor Ruth. When I see her face on my phone, I would feel so nervous and when I see her at church, I would feel so convicted. Why? Because I sinned. Because I did something that was not of God, because I fell into temptation with Paul. The same problem actually went on and off for a few time.

We would get prayer and repented but then we go back to the same trap of the devil. One night at Friday service, we both got prayer, I felt disgusted like I was giving a finger to God after all things that he had blessed me with. We were so broken more than ever and we both burst out into dancing and we shook off all the things of the world that was in us. I told God that I would never do it again and until this day, Paul and I have not fell back into the trap of the enemy. When the temptation comes, I learned that I have to rebuke it right away. I think off all the things God did for me and how good he is to me, immediately, I was able to move on. Of course to stay prayed up and eat the word of God every day. Until this day, I still live my life with that Godly fear in me, the fear of never wanting to disappoint the Father God. He has really deliver me from all the worldly things especially when it comes to being in a relationship. I always put God first in everything I do but sometimes, I do get distracted in other things like school, work, family, and forget my purpose but then God will use my Pastors or anyone in the church to encourage or rebuke me and get me back on track. Also, my relationship with my mom. She depends on me for everything, to do everything. Take care of my brother, schooled him, feed him, house chores. We would always fight because I always felt like she’s not a mother to me, yes, she puts a roof over my head buy there was never a motherly love that I felt from her. When I became a Christian and felt the love of God, it was enough for me. God's grace is so amazing, he's a God of thousand chances. By the grace of God I was able to forgive those that have hurt me, who I would never ever ever thought I would forgive and God really healed me from all the hurts and pain that I had inside me from when I was a little kid. He restores my relationship with my mom. I'm able to have a conversation with her with love. Three and a half years of being a Christian went by, I went to Vietnam to visit my family and my emotions completely took over me, my grandpa had a stroke and I was not in the spirit. I came back DROWNING, as deep as can be. I was grasping for air, couldn't even breathe.

I felt hopeless, defeated, couldn't do anything, couldn't even sing a worship song. Slowly I moved to the back seat of the church, that's a big deal to me because I love worship, I love being in the altar and worship with the kids. I was so into my relationship with Paul and other things that I could not focus on God. The devil was waiting to bury me. Before, when I felt off, I knew how to get back on track, this time, God really had a grasp on me. I really needed help, I was crying out for help, desperately because its worse when you know that you are backsliding and nothing is working for you. I prayed and prayed and my prayers definitely been heard by God because that's where my Pastors showed up. They saw me so dead in the spirit and obeyed God, they brought me into their home and started the discipleship. The discipleship: April 2013 In the beginning, I was very nervous but excited at the same time. I didn't know what to expect. I get to the Pastor’s house and immediately, they prayed for me, spoke life over me, and I was broken in the Spirit. I cried out to Christ so much. They were speaking healing over my body, physically and spiritually. God's showing Pastors things, I answered some questions, things that happened in the past was being exposed by God but not to destroy me but to heal me from it. I was still working part time and schooling so whenever I had free time, Pastors house was my destination. The first thing was I had to be separated from my boyfriend. It was so hard, especially when we don't even see each other on the weekdays already; and now, on the weekends too. We would miss each other but we could not see each other, not even out for a lunch date. As the discipleship went on, Paul and I would get into arguments. He was frustrated because he doesn't get to see me but Pastor Ruth had explained to me from the beginning of the discipleship that by us not being able to see each other, it would allow God to work on me so I can be fired up for God and Paul will pray fully see me being on fire, and that will change him and make him want to be back on fire for God also. Of course, I would love for Paul to be on fire for God and so I realize God works in mysterious ways and it is genius. Everything Pastor Ruth tells me, most of the time it doesn't make sense in the natural because it comes from the Holy Ghost but then it all comes together according to God's timing.

At times, I would have to leave Pastors house for work and I would feel like I'm missing out on what God was doing at their house. Several times gone by, I prayed and it was a Godly decision that I quit my part time job and get disciple fully on the weekends. Honestly, I was only working 10-15 hours part time, I was not getting paid much every two weeks so it was not worth it over missing out on all the Godly actions. WE ALWAYS, ALWAYS MOVE ACCORDING TO THE HOLY GHOST. Most of the time, if it was girl’s week to cook, the discipleship starts with me waking up in the morning at 8 am and help Tara & Pastor Jessica cook. When mama Ruth comes down, she would hug everyone and greet good morning and she would also ask for me to give her a word. The first time I was so nervous and scared. I stuttered, shaking and even cried. Pastor Ruth would encourage me and tell me that I could do, that I was able. She would pray in the spirit and declare that I am a capable, powerful, anointed, beautiful woman of God. That I should not let the devil tell me I'm not able. I was finally calm and had felt better, I felt like it was ok that I didn’t know a lot but I was willing to learn. So I began to read the scriptures but it sounded boring, the words didn't sound alive, it didn't sound like it made an impact and during that moment right away, Pastor Ruth corrects me and tells me to read it with passion and emphasize the words. When there's a comma, I needed to pause, when there's an exclamation mark, I needed to put firmness to it. As I finished, she asked me what I thought about it and what did the word teach me. I gave her some explanations and she agreed. She continued to explain to me what the Scriptures also means when we look at it in the Spirit. If I were a little confused, she would help me to understand the revelation of it. Then once we're done, we would all sit down and pray. All of us, Pastor Puredi, Pastor Ruth, Pastor Timothy, Pastor Martin, Pastor Andrew, Pastor Richie and Pastor Jessica, Tara & myself. There would be more people if Pastor Ruth was led to disciple someone else. Then when it was time to eat, if we're not fasting, the girls would help set up the table, heat up the food and get drinks for everyone. We would eat & fellowship. After, we clean up, I would be asked to wash the dishes ever since the first time I was there, as it went on, I would know to do it right away unless Pastor Ruth had me doing something else.

During times, when I'm not assigned to do something yet, I would always ask if Pastor Ruth or Pastor Tim would need me to do something because I was available but most of the time, I always have a to do list. So it's always serving and there are always things to get done all the time. We have to prepare things for the services, find props if Pastor Ruth needs it. Prepare for the taping for the television show. P. Ruth always tells me, serving is the key to stay humble so I always keep that in mind. Of course when God says rest then we will be allowed to rest, but when there is the 911, we get up and leave right away no matter if our hair was messed up or we didn’t shower, visiting people in the hospital, going to pray for someone we would always be ready to go when God says GO. Furthermore, like the twelve disciple that followed Jesus everywhere, I follow Pastor Ruth everywhere as Jesus leads her. Do everything she asks me to do. See how she talks to people, pray for people and everything else in every aspect of learning what I need to learn. She usually ask, if this person is save or not. She would tell us to go talk to them. The Bible said to always be ready in and out of season that's why I've learned to always be ready, read my word daily because Pastor Ruth would randomly ask me to give her a word. There has been many blessing but also many rebuke moment. One of many blessing that God has blessed me was when I got into a 5 car collision, my car was smashed. Pastor Ruth said everything the devil meant f o r evil, God will turn it around for good. So insurance paid me money, I was praying for a new car and God answered my prayer, my mom put couple more thousand in and I got blessed with a new car.

I will never forget, my first rebuke was when I talked back to Pastor Ruth. Growing up, my mom would always scream and yell at me for every little thing and how I reacted was I would talk back to her. Well, that’s exactly what I did when Pastor Ruth corrected me. She told me she only corrects and disciplines me because she loved me and God only disciplines those who he LOVES. Those words stuck with me until this day. Every time I get rebuked after that, I would always tell myself God is only rebuking me because he loves me and I am growing to the next level. I’ve been rebuke for not listening to instructions, for not being cliquey with people but talk to everyone in church. To watch my words and how I say it because I can easily offend people. By this time, Paul was back on track, back on fire for God and serving God to the Fullness. October 6, 2013, my birthday was around the corner and he proposed to me at Church in front of the entire Shiloh Family and everyone that was watching the live stream online witnessed it. Everyone at church knew about the proposal except me. I was walking around like nothing is going to happen but couple of my friends at church was very, very excited that it was my birthday which I thought they were being a little dramatic. He wrote a letter and read it while the slideshow was playing. Then he said "P.s. I got one more thing to do" and the song Marry Me by Train started to play and I started crying even more. After the proposal, everyone said it really touched them and we were an example to young couples out there so I thank God and he gets every bit of glory. Pastor Ruth told me the next day, three months ago, I would have told Paul “NO” to the proposal, but now, you guys are ready.

I was overwhelmed with love, joy, words that could not explain. My discipleship still went on. 2014, a new year comes and Tara and I was starting to slack off, but God wanted us to do more, the Extra Mile. Instead of being at the house at 8 a.m. ready to cook, now is 7 a.m. No matter if we were out late the night before. When we had service, we don't get home until like 1 a.m. At first, it was hard but as days go on, we manage to do it with more joy. We passed the test Pastor Ruth told us one morning as we were sharing the word of God. She said people only get to do the extra mile when they passed the basic training. Most people don’t even get to do the extra mile because they can’t even pass the basics. That really lifted my spirit and encouraged me even more. Paul begin to get disciple also whenever he's off from work. I'm so blessed to have Pastors that willing to train and taught us what they experienced so we don't have to go through with all the stuff that they went through. Even though Paul and I are both with Pastors on the weekend, we were warned by Pastor Ruth not to be together, next to each other all the time. In the natural, its ok to be together all the time because you are a couple but we are not an ordinary couple, we are a Godly couple and we need to be an example for all the young people especially they are watching. A lot of people tells me that they want the relationship that Paul and I have but they are not willing to pay the price. We had to obey God and sacrificed a lot of things. Going out with friends, taking trips, whatever it is that intervene with God's time and schedule.

Even though it was something that was ok to do, but it was not profitable to do. We had to give up a lot of our friends because they were a bad influence on us. You might think nothing is happening but the devil is slowly luring you in to his camp using the people closest to you, even your family and loved ones. That's why when I came back from Vietnam. I was so drowning and Pastor Ruth told me because the spirit over there jumped on me. My family is still Buddhist and I was not spiritually mature to face those demons so it jumped on me. I am taught that everywhere I go, I have to be sensitive in the spirit and be aware of all the spirit that's out there. Be sober and vigilant because the devil is out there seeking who to devour. Always stay prayed up and eat the word of God everyday so you can be rooted in God, then you will think in the spirit and operate in the spirit. As I was giving up more and doing the extra mile my mom decided that we are going to Vietnam for a family reunion. She bought the tickets but God was telling me it was not a god thing to go. I prayed and told Pastor Ruth, she confirmed it also. We pray for grace for me to tell my mom that I'm not going with her to Vietnam. I knew I was not prepared to go back, not after what happened last time when I went. My mom was upset, I was not surprised, there was yelling and screaming but there was no physical being done. Praise God!!!I was praying in the spirit. My mom says some crazy things, like chopping off my legs so I could not go anywhere. Just the looks in her eyes, I was rebuking everything she was saying over me. The devil can use anybody, especially your family and loved ones to pull you out the perfect will of God. God also gives you favor when you walk in the perfect will of him. I didn't have to pay back my mom the money that she lost for returning the ticket. I missed the deadline of registration for school so I had to find a job. God told Apostle Ruth I was going to get the job at Nordstrom rack, long and behold, I interviewed and got the job in less than two days. The position was still in Orange County. I let it all out on my interview, my availability, I can't work Sundays and Fridays nights because of church.

Our Service ends at mid night so I wouldn't blame the manager if she accused me of lying but of course it was the truth and I put God first so I had the favor of God. For retail, weekends is when they need you the most and I can only work every other Saturday because of youth service. So Needless to say, when it's God's will, it will be done, no compromising. Work was going well by the grace of God but it was also his will for me to be near church and Apostle to help out and serve more. I stay in Orange County with my mom and brother and I go to rancho on the weekends. Honestly, I liked it but God's will is for me to be in Rancho so I had to obey and the time had come. I applied for a position in Ontario and the manager at my store did not want to lose me so the transfer process was never even started. Praise God didn't react I the flesh. A week later, manager from Ontario called me directly along me if I was still interested in transferring out there because a new position in the woman's department just open up. Praise God because since it's women's, I didn't have to learn to do something new because the first position was in a different department. God always gives us the best of the best as long as we stay in the spirit and don't react in the flesh. Ontario didn't even interview me, they gave me the position right away and moving to Ontario was finally official official for the mean time, it's profitable for me to stay with Apostle until God's time to move to another place. I thank God for putting my Apostle Puredi and Ruth into my life, they are truly like my parents.



My name is Neya Arianna Bracamonte & this is my testimony, but before I can tell you...you need to know a little something about me first. I’m born in Southern California & since I turned seven, I’ve been raised in the Northern part of California... from Anaheim to the San Joaquin County in a little town called Lockeford (it’s close to Stockton) I got baptized by the Holy Spirit at a Southern Baptist church in Stockton, Ca. & not just me but my sisters as well...my Mom raised us four girls. After I graduated HS in 2011, my big sis & I went to our grandmother’s house in Moreno Valley, Ca. (we call her “Gma” for short to make her feel “less old”) She took us to come & visit her church, Shiloh Tabernacle Church. The Pastor’s wife, Ruth prophesied to me ‘bout my love life & I thought that would be amazing to hear what I to know/do, but Pastors (now she is an Apostle) Ruth told me “if you go back to him, you should listen to this part because it already happened. You will fall into a great depression and misery. And wait, because your prince is waiting to meet you soon and continue on loving God”.

After our vacation after graduation, after spending time with my Dad at Gma’s house and Catalina Island I went back home and my ex boyfriend want to date me again. That’s where I knew what God told Apostle Ruth to tell me. that I had already dated him, but I believed people can be given second chances. So I told God no and walked away from her advice. A month later, he dumped me again. I felt crushed the fact that he did not learn anything and neither did I. I was devastated; he broke my heart (got sick). Months passed and then I started to have the worst experience of my life. It was a dream that turned out to be a negative revelation that involved an unwelcomed visitor that came to me in the night wanting to play a game to solve a riddle. Sadly I lost. I thought I went to hell.

Tried to seek for help in my dream by (my mom) but she could not help me. I was panicking with fear. I was in chains, prison clothes and foggy cold ghostly slippers. I knew it was demonic because it was hurting me and my family, seeing them tired, depressed and ill. The next night I went to mom for advice. Why don’t I just go to mom instead of God, would she understand? I was disobiedient to God and said no to him, she said the same thing, NO. Months past, depressed, life was meaningless. So I finally ran to God by opening mom’s old Bible and studying as much as I can. With a friend invitation, I decided to go to church. I had been there for a year. My heart began to soften a little with relief and understanding that God is not mad as I thought he would be at me. As it says in his first commandment, love God first. For he put the right people in your path even when you seek a revelation that is negative, as mine was, but you have to keep your hope and faith alive in Christ Jesus. Because we are all his children, he wants no harm against us from evil.



My name is Tandra Quarles and I have been coming to Shiloh Tabernacle church since January of 2008. The Lord divinely led me to this church through an acquaintance of a friend. For the first time in my life I was on a forty day fast through the leading of God. I did not have a background of being spirit filled or Pentecostal lifestyle, all I knew was that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit was in the Bible. I accepted Jesus when I was younger through my grandmother and was always taught the truth of the word of God. I didn't have the teaching of having my life changed through a walk with God or anything like that. I would go to church and have bible study and go to youth but there wasn't any what I know now as FIRE! The first day I came to Shiloh on a Sunday afternoon, there was praise and worship. The Pastors were all on stage singing and there were dancers with flags and dancing at the altar and everywhere. I was so drawn to it and questioning it at the same time. I asked God if this was all real to let me know or it was time for me to go because they began speaking in tongues during the prayer. Growing up I remember there was a discussion about it but I couldn't remember what the outcome was so I had to rely on God at that point. Of course it was all real because I am still here 6 years later. I was at a point in my life where I knew God was doing major construction and I was allowing Him to because I couldn't do anything with my life.

I was homeless, childless, and husband less! I was about four months clean and sober from methamphetamine addiction, alcohol, and tobacco use. My children were currently in foster care because they had been taken away from me by the State of California Child Protective Services (CPS) since 2006 and my husband was currently living with his mistress for the same amount of time. I had lost everything; my home, my car, my job at the Naval Warfare Center in Norco, my family and myself. The only thing that continued to surface up from deep inside was "I've come that you may have an abundant life". I knew this was from the Bible so I knew God was trying to get a hold of me. I didn't know how but I knew God was all powerful. So this is how I was when I walked into those doors of Shiloh Tabernacle. Broken, abused, rejected, ignorant, foolish, prideful.....and on and on. Ripe for the hand of God to take me and mold me into His perfect image. God used the physical hands and feet of Pastors Puredi and Ruth to begin that work that He would be faithful to complete. Every sermon, every meeting, every fellowship, every word, touch, smile, hug was used to mold and shape this lifeless being into a spiritual being. They fed my spirit and my belly...literally! They have true "soul food". My time with the Pastors, now Apostles, has been well spent.

Nothing has been thrown to the ground and swept away by the wind. They live as examples to me. The Lord told me to watch, learn, do as they do, listen to what they say in and out of the church. I can say that my time with them has been equal to an Ivy League education in the Holy Ghost. From the first time I arrived, Apostle Ruth has said “accelerated school of the Holy Ghost". I remember going up for prayer and I would begin to ask for something and they would say “we are going to pray for your spirit man to prosper" and I would be like ummh okay. I didn't understand exactly what was going on but I knew I needed to stay. I knew I needed to be there. So when the person I was riding with decided not to come to all the meetings, I mapped a route on the bus from Riverside to Ontario where I would meet someone at their job to carpool to the Apostles house on Friday nights and take the bus to her house on Sundays to carpool to the church. I would take the bus to wherever I could where they were speaking. It would take up to three to four hours but it was worth it. During this time God was showing Himself to me, allowing me the privilege and opportunity to have an intimate relationship with Him. How amazing is that? God of all creation, the Great I am wanted me to know Him and be in a relationship with Him. I tell you what, I sucked at relationships!

My children were taking because I failed to be a good parent, my husband was with another woman because I failed at being a wife, my parents and siblings were not really talking to me and vice versa because of the whole mess and now God wants me to be in a relationship with Him. Of course I didn't understand why or how but every moment at service or fellowship, every time the Pastors spoke it was about this way of life, intimacy with Jesus. The presence of God was never absent wherever they were or when I was alone. When I first started to come Jesus began to heal me so that I could stand up because I was crawling at that time, if that! But without even knowing me, the Apostles loved me. Apostle Ruth would always touch me and say "I love you", I would have to still myself so that I wouldn't move away because I wasn't used to that. You know she still says that! One day I was sitting by the stage when I first got there and she said that I was home. She reminded me of the times I spent with my granny. Granny would always be in the word and would answer every question I had with the word of God. Whenever we would leave her I would cry so deeply. I now know that that feeling was the love of God and I felt it with the Apostles. You don't want to leave, it's intoxicating, you want more and more! Through these years I have grown in the spiritual things of God. But first, all Glory to God. There is no one who can get the glory for anything good in my life at this point right now.

God has used this ministry led by Apostles Puredi and Ruth Hillary to cultivate a spirit filled life in Jesus inside of this shell named Tandra. Everything I know has been caught from the teachings here. They, Apostles Puredi and Ruth, have poured out and constantly pour out into me and everyone who is willing and open to receive and believe. Every word they have spoken into my life has come to pass and will come to pass. My children returned, my husband returned, my family is returning, I prosper as my soul prospers, I am a powerful woman of God filled with the Holy Spirit, and so many more... I have been baptized by the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, by His Spirit I prophesy, give words of wisdom and knowledge, lead the lost to salvation, assist in deliverances, preach and teach, disciple, evangelize, everything the Holy Spirit has said in His word we are to do, by faith I have been privileged to do. Nations are here in our congregation, on the street, other ministries, we go, I go, my children and grandchildren go. None of these things were a part of my life nor my vocabulary to that matter before I was led to Shiloh. Neither was Hollywood but at Gods word the Apostles have positioned us to go in through media and others networks to pour in the Spirit of Truth to the world. God has allowed me and my children to learn and serve in various positions in media and be a part of His vision and purpose. His plan for my life has been able to flourish because of the intimacy and obedience of the Apostles to Christ. I am thankful for every moment of discipleship because it began the moment I walked through the doors of this church. To God be all the Glory! Leaders lead by example. I have had the opportunity to see the lives of many people.

Most only let you see what they want you to see. My pastors, Apostle Puredi and Ruth are a gift to me from the Lord, to edify me and exhort me, to guide me and teach me, to keep me from getting lost and devoured by wolves, to teach me how to lead others and to do greater works in His name. And they have and they do, faithfully. With their whole life they serve God. With all their strength they pastor us. They have always been there for me 24/7. I know that if it was just me they would still do it because of the integrity, dedication and commitment they have to Jesus. They are "all in". And it makes me want to be "all in" with them. I am excited to experience each moment to come because of what they have taught me and allowed the Spirit to reveal to us. Because of the Apostles willingness to let the Spirit of God own Shiloh Tabernacle, I have grown to be, know, understand and believe that I am 1) a loved child of/by God, 2) a warring general in the army of God, 3) a bride of Christ, 4) a minister of the gospel of Christ, 5) too anointed to be disappointed & to equipped to be whipped. Of course there is so much more and this could go on and on because God is so great and so good! And I am thankful of the time and 120% effort and commitment that has been available to me and my children here at Shiloh Tabernacle Church. Keep watching for the best is yet to come. Amen!



I got to a place in my life where I realized I was disappointed in the choices I had been making and where my life was heading – which was nowhere. I had everything in the natural going for me; good career, I wanted for nothing, I traveled, had all the drugs and alcohol I wanted, partied and slept around with whoever I wanted, and had a well off family to fall back on. I was a free spirit, trying to live for the moment, but what I really was doing was running. I became sick, emotionally drained, broken hearted, and felt empty and alone like never before. After years of living the lifestyle of the world, chasing after my own desires and lusts, and walking in the pride of life, it had finally caught up with me, my sinful pleasures became habits/bondages in my life and I was tied down to them. But this is when God began to work thru the brokenness of my life. I lived all over the place: Las Vegas, Alaska, then Hawaii – this is where God began to brake me. I was living it up in Hawaii for a few months with no responsibility, with endless drugs and a series of men and casual relationships, but I became sick and more aware of the emptiness of my life. I made a phone call to my mom, who’d been praying for me along with Apostle Ruth, whom I hadn’t meet yet, and I had an emotional breakdown, I needed to come home – though I didn’t really want to leave, but I just felt inside of me I had to make a change.

My heart was crying out for something, I needed saved from myself, and I couldn’t continue living the way I was because it simply hurt too much. I got a ticket back home and was unknowingly on my way to an appointed divine encounter with God that was going to launch me into my destiny. It was my first week back home in Vegas and I decided to make some changes, I even made a list: no more illegal drugs, no more one night stands, cut back on the hard liquor, try and plant some roots, and get my life together and start going to synagogue with my mom. So this is what I was going to try and do to piece things back together myself. I still looked like I was doing well on the outside, but no one knew what was going on the inside. I meet Apostles Puredi and Ruth Hillary for the first time at a Jewish Messianic Woman’s Conference that my mom was helping put together. They were guest speakers and I was just doing the catering cause my mom had asked and I didn’t have anything else to do. At this point it’d been two weeks since I moved from Hawaii and I was feening for a high and already bored to death with being sober. I had nothing to do with the event, I just came in and out with the food while all the woman worshiped and looked crazy! I was outside drinking wine in a water bottle and taking drags off my cousin’s cigarette. I couldn’t wait for the event to be over, when my mom asked me to meet the Apostles, she said they wanted to pray for me. They had prayed for all us, my aunts and uncles, my sister and all of my cousins, and me last.

I watched every single one of them be touched and cry by the word of knowledge given by God through them. I was curious about what they would have to say and at the same time afraid that they were going to reveal secrets and ‘tell on me’, because no one, especially my parents and family, knew anything of how I’d been living my life. If I’d had meet them even just a few month prior I don’t think it would have been the same or effective, cause God had been setting me up for that very day, a divine appointment thru a series of circumstances, breaking me to a point of realizing I was nothing and felt empty inside, before my heart would have been too hard to receive anything from them. Now it was my turn. They told me things about myself that no one knew about me - the deepest darkest secrets that I had always kept inside. They shared that God knows and sees all my insecurities, my broken heart and that I was a vagabond living life with no purpose or direction, and that I was in bondage. That God has placed a special calling over my life and has set me apart. That He loves me and has better for me. She prophesied over me about singing and acting, cooking shows, cook books and traveling, etc. I found it all very hard to believe but it sparked a small hope in me, a small hope that I hadn’t ruined my life yet, cause already because of the drugs I felt years behind, and that I should have been more then what I was.

Growing up a goody-goody-two-shoes I had a lot of ambition, I graduated high school young, had pages and collages of goals and a head full of dreams, I had high expectations for myself, ones that were in all reality almost impossible to meet, but still I wanted to be successful. I made some wrong crucial life choices that lead me down a dark path and I never reached them and considered myself a failure and I had lowered my standards and didn’t consider myself to be the best at anything. I was really overwhelmed by everything spoken and was brought to tears. I had never heard of people doing that, giving words of knowledge or prophesying – I had no idea who these people were. All I knew was that I felt something. And it was deep. I’d become so numb to life before. But I felt the love and burden that they had for me, she even cried with me, ‘wow’ I remember thinking of Apostle Ruth, she wasn’t crying for me like poor-little-rich-girl-and-all-her-problems but cause she really cared and felt my pain. God had touched me. I didn’t yet understand it but my eyes were being opened. And I wanted more. It was my first encounter with God truly. Even though I grew up in church, I never knew God. I knew religion. And so that’s what I went back to when I left that night – Religion – cause it’s all I ever known before. God is religion and nothing more, or so I thought.

So I started going to synagogue, and for weeks I would sit in there on the Sabbath, wearing my veil, not eating pork, living under Old Testament law, but I left the same broken person. Still, before I started to get better, I became worse, I was still drinking and partying (but not as often-I would justify to myself) and was in a non-exclusive - yet exclusive on my part- casual relationship with an older man Id been on and off with for years (justifying again that being monogamies is better than having multiple partners), and I started smoking Spice - a synthetic chemically engineered weed that was legal and could be bought at any smoke shop, cause I couldn’t stand being sober and talked myself into it. ‘Why would I have to be sober if I can get high legally?’ I’d become so accustomed to living life in a fog – it was my normal. So without drugs I wasn’t myself. I had to smoke Spice and not weed because the casinos in Vegas hair tested and I needed to pass in order to land an awesome job. So I was back to living a secret life again. Except this time I had some conviction, but not enough to stop, I was another religious self-proclaiming believer in God who lived a compromised life with no self-control.

I was living a double life for a few months and it started taking a toll on me emotionally again, and I know it was God trying to wake me up. I remember one night, after working all day, and then having to cater a family event without being able to sneak away for a smoke break, finally I escaped after it was over to my car to get high. I became so high, more then normal, I was dumbfounded and confined to the car for a period of what felt like hours, wasting time, stupid and paranoid. I had what I believe to be a vision of the devil/ a demon. It appeared, in front of my car, brought in by the wind. I was terrified and fear overtook me, I turned my lights on, I was confused at the same time and in disbelieve, but I began realizing my state of mind. ‘Wow I must be really high?!’ and remember thinking to myself ‘is this how I’m going to die?’ I had heard tons of stories of people dying while smoking spice – they just stop breathing. I had enough, I didn’t want to live like that with death so close. I didn’t want it to end that way, not like that - high and alone. I stopped smoking and I started going to a recovery program at a big mega church. I joined several of the groups, bounced back and forth between, sexual addiction, drug addiction, etc. And a cell group Tuesday nights with a bunch of woman where we’d gather to share our feelings, thoughts and struggles of that week and answer topic questions/deep reflection on God’s word. Initially I enjoyed going cause it made me feel busy, like I was doing something productive to better my life, plus it helped fill up my time to get my mind off drugs, and that helped. Looking back sadly, I realized that there was no help really offered.

It was a ‘pity-party’ and very depressing in all respect. It was like every week all you’d hear was how stuck these women were in their painful past of abuse, addiction, and struggles and how alone they felt and how broken theirs and their families lives were because of them, that they cry out to God and want to do what is right but don’t know how, though they know they’re forgiven by God, they can’t forgive themselves. There was sadness, self-condemnation, shame, insecurities and deep wounds that were still bleeding, though on the outside they may have looked beautiful and successful, but underneath it all there was more to it than meets the eye. Long term it was discouraging to think, using some of these woman as examples who’d been going there for years and years, cause I was one of those still bleeding inside, I thought I was going to have to live with the guilt and shame of my life choices forever and that maybe one day it just wouldn’t hurt AS bad – that’s what I had to look forward to. I see now how the devil plays so dirty, using us against ourselves, our thoughts and emotions. He used me against me, speaking through my thoughts of guilt and self-condemnation, constantly stirring up my emotions to hurt me.

Throwing my past in my face, even throwing God in my face “look at your life, you knew God, and you still did it”. That’s why my pain felt so deep, because I knew at the beginning what I was doing was wrong but once I crossed a line, it become easier to cross another and another and another till I got to a point of basically having no morals or standards for myself because I did it all. I thought I was doing well at this point at doing things on my own again, but God was still setting me up. I was finally clean long enough to start applying for a job at the big Casino’s on the Strip. Meantime I had been working at a small family owned restaurant till I could pass a hair test. So after a couple interview I got it! Two job offers! A pastry/line cook at Japonaise and V.I.P. catering at the Wynn. All I had to do was pass the hair test. I’d been clean for well over the required time and yet I failed!!! I almost couldn’t believe it! First I thought, ‘well this is the consequences of doing drugs’, and I was a little disappointed but then at the same time I felt a peace come over me and realized it wasn’t meant to be. And here’s why: so after failing the test I quit my current job to become a personal chef for my parents/family business and only a week later they went to California for business, since I was there personal chef/nationalist I had to go with them. Well lo and behold, they had a business meeting with Apostles Puredi and Ruth. I was so excited when I found out because I’d never forgotten them! I really wanted her to pray for me again. Sure enough God put it in Apostle Ruth’s heart to ask to pray for me, I didn’t even have to ask.

The meeting was just finishing up and we stepped into another room for some privacy. Everything God spoke through her I knew it was truth. She laid it all down for me, revealed all of my hearts fears, insecurity’s and desires, and God showed her all of my unprofitable relationships and how there were other women and perversion and death with the men I was with. It broke my heart. But God had set me up for this very moment. On the spot, she asked me, ‘Are you willing to give it all up for God?’ It was a big question and I knew it would be a life changing decision. Which would I choose: either continue down life’s path the way I’ve been going in bondage that had gotten me nowhere, or walk away from everything I knew and was comfortable with to start a relationship with the All-Mighty God and serve Him. It honestly wasn’t hard for me to even consider, obviously me doing things on my own had gotten me nowhere. I answered “Yes”, a little scared not knowing what to expect, but I had a peace that this is what needed to be done and I was excited because I knew it was going to be a good move forward. On the spot I changed my phone number, cold turkey stopped seeing and communicating with my “boyfriends” (The guy I was sleeping with, Robert. The guy I was dating, Storm. The guy I wanted to be with, Omar. The guy I was talking to, Homer.), moved from Vegas to California, and began the 21-40 day discipleship. My mom offered Apostle Ruth $5000 to take me, disciple me, and help me. But no, she said “Freely received and freely given.” All the plans were made and it was now on! I was to hang out with her, wherever she went, whatever she did, to learn, to absorb, to brake all habits of the past and to replace them with God ones, to see how to live life as a Christian. It officially started July 22nd - my first Shiloh church service, all I have to say is ‘6 1/2 HOURS!!! of church!’ It was awesome!

They praised God and worshipped for hours. Though it honestly took me a little time to get into it, I wasn’t use to anything even remotely close to this. I only knew about signing-3-hymnal-sit-down-and-shut-up-for-and-hour-then-go-home-dead kind of church. I was praying that God would open my heart, because I knew what I was seeing was the real deal, and He did. Apostle Ruth shared with me that she saw all of this (me being there at Shiloh) the first time she meet me, and that all of her gifts, everything she has, I will have double! And there’s nothing I want more than that. I had been so touched. I couldn’t imagine that I could touch others through God the same way. But my whole way of thinking was beginning to change. All I knew was that the Spirit of God was truly there with these people. And I wanted it. I wanted everything. In my journal that night I wrote: “The old Tara dies today! I want God to work in me and to open my eyes, ears, heart, mind and soul. In these next 20 days I already feel there’s going to be a miracle work done in my life. Changes will be made! It’s time for training. Count me in Lord! I’m ready for You!’ Apostle Ruth gave me a homework assignment, and so I began reading my Bible for the first time ever that next morning! I had such a peace waking up. Peace was something I never had in my life, already I was addicted to it. I show up to Apostle’ house, not knowing what to expect, the first thing they tell me is they have a meeting/conference with the Korean pastors of LA, and I’m going with them! What?! Ok! I was up for anything but oh man I felt so awkward at those meetings, there I was a 23 year old chick from Las Vegas and everyone else in the building were pastors and people of position, everyone went around and introduce themselves and their church/organization, all I could say was “I’m with them!” Apostles’ must have known I was uncomfortable because they kept smiling at me and encouraging me and including me in their conversations. This was only the first of many event meetings that I’d play the tag along.

I didn’t mind at all, because I loved the car rides to and from these events and meetings, it’s where our relationship and discipleship began. Apostle Ruth would give me all kinds of advice, insight and was beginning to pour into me. I wrote everything down in my note book, I wanted to be her and a Jesus’ student. I’d only known them for a short period of time, yet I felt so close and so loved by them and I had such a love for them. Apostle Ruth became Momma and Apostle Puredi was Papito. I learned you can only truly receive anything, advice, rebuke, whatever it may be if there’s a relationship established. Day after day I couldn’t believe I was allowed in their home, in their personal and private space, every day, all the time. Their lives were an open book to me. It’s easy to put people on a pedestal which I began doing with Momma Ruth, because I wanted to be like her, but she directed me right back to God! ‘You don’t want to be like me’ she’d say, ‘Ruth in the flesh is pitiful, you want to be like Jesus.’ Discipleship I was learning was like 1 Corinthians 1:11 when Paul wrote “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.” Though they walk in a high calling from God, they were still people, who had problems, struggles and difficulties – probably more! But I got to observe how to walk in this dark world and all its problem the enemy always tries to throw our way as an on fire Pentecostal Christian first hand from them! Seeing the word of God daily being used, humbling yourself before others, serving, dying to the flesh, learning how to shake it off, how to overcome, walking in victory and to have unbelievable amounts of joy and still have fun as a Christian! It’s a whole new way of life! Battle of the Flesh: Though God was lighting up my pathway I still struggled.

The enemy wanted me back - my flesh wanted back. I remember just listening to certain music, smelling a certain smell, seeing old photos, almost everything would bring me back to my old life “the good days”. It was hard, in every man’s face I’d see my ex and my heart would break and I’d want to get a hold of him. Every song on the radio or playing at the grocery store was a song I use to dance to at the club or had emotional attachments to it that’d make me want to jump in my car and drive back home to Vegas and be there in less than 3 hours. Every time I smelt weed on the streets or on people or walked by a bar I’d miss the high and consider calling my old hookup here in Cali. Old habits die hard they say, I couldn’t even do the dishes or laundry before without getting high first, and I spent all my weekends drunk or popping pills, taking shrooms - cause why not?! Now I’m having to re-learn how to live life soberly, something I hadn’t done in over five years since I was 18. I thought I had ‘discovered myself’ through drugs and alcohol, and was now a completely different person from that 18 year old, I didn’t know who I was without my drugs, money and career now – I use to find my identity in the things I use to do – I was a stoner, a free spirit, and chef. What am I now that I only go to church, don’t party and have no job? Did I make a mistake coming here? Life wasn’t that bad before! Wasn’t I having a good time? How fast can I cut lose from this place? All I have to say now is only by the grace of God I’m still here! And I know it was also in part with the prayers of my Apostles who were constantly praying and interceding for me, and having to encourage me and me getting delivered on almost a weekly basis.

They poured into me constantly and sometimes I felt like I was going to end up disappointing them and they were going to regret all that time wasted on pouring into me. But that’s a lie from the pit of hell! That’s not what the God we serve would ever say to us, Apostle Ruth would tell me it wasn’t her that chose me but God! And that’s what would get me through it. Even though sometime I would think God made a mistake choosing me, because I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, gifted enough, but I realized if I had everything going for me then how would God get the glory, He has to completely transform me and when people see the difference God gets all the praise! So I thank God that He doesn’t give up on us, and neither does the apostles when my soul is in their hands. All it took was a reminder of the truth, that I felt less then worthless in my B.C. life (Before Christ) and that since I started my walk with God I wasn’t walking in darkness any more, but there was light, and it was getting brighter every day as long as I kept walking forward and not backwards. My light was starting to show and my family notice. I was reaching out and was able to get a few of my cousins to come to church and I just wanted God to do for them what He’s done for me so I was trying so hard to pray for them and share everything I was learning with them, but they just didn’t want it, they say they did but not enough to give everything up. I realized people are so afraid and stubborn to give up something they don’t even have – their lives. Without God we aren’t even living.

We’re walking zombies! During church my cousins would get up and be talking on the phone outside and I was so passionate about getting them delivered Id run outside to go get them, and then God gave me the word ‘Distracted’. So I was bold, I told my cousin she’s distracted cause of this this and this, blah blah blah, and all the things I saw wrong and felt in my heart, but uh oh… Guess what? The word turned out to be for me. I found out the next day when I was at Apostles’ house and Pastor Ruth has me stand up and asks me what the preaching was about and what I learned. I told her I was outside ministering to my cousin because she was distracted! I got cut off right there. And she points out: that I was the one outside, out of the presence of God for half the service and missing the Word that came forth – I was the one distracted! Ouch! I didn’t see that one coming. But in every mistake there was a lesson learned. It confirmed yes that I hear from God, but second I need to look in the mirror and not project my words to others. The presence of God is the most important thing, and if we leave the presence of God for whatever reason it’s like saying ‘I’m more important than God.’ He is the healer, restorer, and creator and He can do all things, and so what do I think in my natural self that I can do better than God. Nothing! So I better leave it all up to Him, including my cousins. Developing the gifting’s: Discernment was one of the first things Apostle Ruth taught me, and it wasn’t learned from the comfort of the house or the sofa or read in some book, she took me to the mall - she called it Soul shopping! ‘You see that person there?’ she’d say, looking toward a guy with a mohawk, tats and gages. ‘Yeah!’ ‘Is he saved?’ Me, ‘Uuuummm he doesn’t look like he is.’ ‘Don’t look at him, look at his spirit!’ I’m thinking to myself ‘oh yeah, sure, just look at his spirit, how am I supposed to do that!!!’

She told me to pray and ask God, then she’d point out another person and then another, and I started listening to God, I’d get a ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘yes, but doesn’t walk it’ and I started getting it right on. Then, as a momma eagle, she’d throw me out of the nest to teach me to fly – she picked out another person and said ‘Go pray for that person.’ Oh Sweet Jesus! I could barely get up, walk over there and try to casually bring up ‘Oh, Uh, do you know Jesus?’ and as crashed and burned momma would swoop in and save me, give a word of knowledge and the person would end up crying and give their life to the Lord. Everywhere we go, grocery store, gas station, movie theater, we can’t leave Jesus at home or just at church, we have to be aware of Him and His presences that as Christians we are supposed to be walking in, cause the world is His marketplace and we’re supposed to be fishers of men, and for me that meant being delivered from shyness. Being shy is not of God, in 2 Timothy 1:7 is says ‘For He did not give us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and a sound mind.’ This was difficult to get over cause I’d been shy my whole life, the root being my low self-esteem and insecurities, I thought I was humble but it was false humility, and it was time to step out and bloom to give God all the glory. How do you get delivered from shyness? Praying in the Spirit, thanking God for His boldness, being in His presence and Word, walking by faith and going for it and just doing what needs done! Apostle Ruth would have to make me say hi and hug everyone when I first came to Shiloh, then go up to strangers and minister, then up to the pulpit and exhort, then acting and singing classes – I never in my mind thought I’d be up in front of a bunch of people acting, singing and pouring my heart out crying. That’s God! Rebuke: Every day, I was going through a process.

Things were exposed and plucked out, healed, and cut off. It was a beautiful brokenness that everyone has to go through to stay in Gods presence. On my face crying during praise and worship at church or on pastors living room floor being delivered from shame and self-condemnation, experiencing the love of God and having an encounter with Him. I was hungry for more. As I was growing in my gifting’s, and when Apostles’ would minister at other churches at the end there would be a prayer line, Apostle Ruth told me to stick with her and every time I had a word for someone she’d confirm it, I was nervous but was right on, ‘unforgiveness’ ‘bitterness’ ‘lust’ ‘abuse’ etc.… And I’d pray for them and they’d be broken and it was so powerful God was working through me. As I began praying for people more and more, and was getting Words of knowledge and being with pastor every day, I’m sure you can guess what stated rising up in me – PRIDE. I’ll never forget it, I was practicing my discernment and talking with one of my brothers in the Lord, Andrew, I told him I was getting ‘Pride’ for this guy that the Apostles were talking with. ‘Oh really?’ he said. We went and joined their circle as they were talking, turns out this guy is a missionary, has been all around the world, gives out Bibles, goes to orphanages and is the most humble man you’ll meet. Uh oh! I got a check in my spirit. ‘Andrew, remember what we were just talking about ten minutes ago?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘I think that word was for me.’ He laughs and agrees with me. I told Apostle Ruth afterward and she already knew, said she could smell it and asked God to show me.

Even though God was beginning to use me and more was to come, I have to constantly check myself, because it’s Him that brings us up, and Him that will bring us down if we exalt ourselves. Supernatural Energy: Every day we were on the go. In LA, at another church ministering, we would have church late nights to the early morning Fridays, youth on Saturdays, and church on Sundays, and set up, tare downs, Bible studies, in Pasadena, at the studio for a telethon, pastors of LA meeting, cry for Hollywood, etc. Man I was tired! But I didn’t get it, here they are, in there 50’s and constantly on the go, me, 23, I could barely keep up with them! I’ve never seen this before, they walk and live in the supernatural! And they don’t fake it here, because you can only put on a show for so long. They we’re so balanced in everything, they worked hard yet played hard to. We would be out ministering all day or week but at night all of the family gets together to watch a movie and eat fruit or go to the movie theater or MidEvil Times to catch as show, or the aquarium. Being balanced is very important, because without the rest in God, it’s easy to burn yourself out. 21 to 40 Days: So much had happened over the first 21 days, but I knew it would be coming to an end soon. ‘Now what?’ was what was on my heart. It takes 21 days to brake a habit, I passed that. But now it was the next level.

God then said 40 days - will I be able to keep with it and walk it? This wasn’t the original plan. But I wanted to keep going forward with God but and I didn’t want to go back to Vegas yet, I didn’t think I’d make it on my own, even though my whole life was still in Vegas and life felt as if it was just on a temporary hold and I was on vacation mode. So I asked permission, and my mom, by the grace and favor of God hesitantly agreed to continue help support me for another 19 days of discipleship. At this point, as much as I loved Shiloh it took time for me to except it as my permanent home, cause I wasn’t looking that far into the future, I still thought that even after 41 days of discipleship I’m going to have to go back to Vegas, and Shiloh’s way too far to commute, and I can’t not work how would I live and survive, but it’d just be a place to visit and good people to call on. But I knew God was guiding me, I just didn’t know what He had up His sleeve yet. Religion and Family: I had so much grace and favor in my life, I was growing and committing more to God and Shiloh, my mother’s answered prayer, but then so much started coming against me. This is when God really began breaking the deep rooted religious roots in me. I started getting attacked by my own family. “You’re committing too much to God and forgetting about your family and your Jewish roots! It’s not God you hear from, cause God doesn’t go against His Word, He doesn’t say to abandon your family! Or to stop going to Sabbath! That’s a familiar spirit!” Man, I started getting hit below the belt, the devil was using those that use to pray for me now against me.

All because I was putting God first and felt free to not live under the law anymore. ‘If you don’t do this, this, this, then we’re cutting you off, no more money, you have to pay rent if you want to stay here, find a new job and pay your cell, car and car insurance on your own!’ I was scared because I literally at this point had nothing but God to lean on, no job, no man, and now no family and not much money to live on. What was I going to do? Who was I going to listen to and trust? I struggled. But I knew now what I was called for, and I chose God and was willing to give it all up, my allowance, car, cellphone, family, roof over our head. What’s the worse that would happen? I get kicked out? Then Apostle’s said I could live with them. Woooo…wait! That would be the best thing that could happen to me, being kicked right in to my destiny. It says in God’s word, ‘You’ll never see a righteous man begging for bread.’ So I felt peace, as long as I stayed in God’s perfect will I knew I would be provided for. Trusting God Not Money: God was testing my faith, and I decided I was choosing God! God asked me will I serve him with or without money, will I believe that He will provide? What am I willing to give up? Like I said I still had some fear in my heart I was going to be kicked out, how will I make it? My flesh would rise up and I’d lean on the fact that I had a couple thousand in my bank account, I could make it a few months but after that I’m screwed. I began looking so much at that money and depending on it and not on God completely. Then God tells me to empty my bank account, give it away. I’m like OMG! Is that you God or me saying that? Because I don’t think I want to do that. But it stayed firm on my heart for a couple weeks till finally I sought my apostle’s advice through ‘hypothetical questions’ and God spoke through me, I needed to walk by faith and trust that He would provide.

So I went to the gas station filled up my tank, paid my doctor bill then emptied my account and handed out checks. I can’t even begin to tell you how faithful God was!!! That very next week God gave me big time breakthrough and favor with my family. They decided that they would support me financially while I do ministry work for Shiloh, I was put on salary, ½ my car payment was being paid and my cellphone, my parents got a condo a mile from Apostle’s house for me and I paid no rent and lived there by myself, all by the grace of God! God didn’t need my money, He wanted my heart and my trust. Cooking/Serving: Every day I am at apostles’ house serving. God used my cooking skills to bless the ministry, I along with Pastor Jessica began cooking every morning. Even though I went to culinary school and worked in restaurants I didn’t have complete confidence in my cooking especially not without some recipes and a head chef telling me what to do. By faith we started cooking foods I’d never had before and experimenting with recipes and ideas and everything always came out so delicious – food never tasted so good! Even cooking is Spiritual. We’d be praying and worshiping in the kitchen as we cook and everyone would say they could taste the love in the food, or we’d mess up and just pray over it and everyone would say it was so good – Praise God! But then on the flip side we’d be having a bad day and be out of the spirit and then the food wouldn’t turn out right or would just suck - for lack of better words. So being in the Spirit in doing just the littlest things was vital. Cleaning, doing the dishes, organizing the prop room, if I didn’t have joy doing it then it would drag on and I’d be miserable. But when I’m in the Spirit I have the joy and I know everything I do I do for God and I do my best, He sees it and I know is filling up my bank accounts in heaven. Apostle Ruth always says, if you’re going to do anything with a bad attitude then don’t even do it, because God sees and you’re accountable! Serving is not a natural quality I had. I was taught to in this ministry, not just by command but by seeing as well. Apostle’s never once asked me to do anything they wouldn’t do or aren’t doing. If you’re going to preach it you better walk it! You’ll never be promoted in Gods ministry unless you serve.

Cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, and setting up and tearing down, picking up church member and giving rides, serving in the children’s ministry, volunteering to be a part of the media team. I first thought Oh I can’t help do children’s or media, because I’m not good with other peoples kids or I don’t know how to use the equipment, but I made myself available and God did the rest. He supernaturally gave me the grace and I learned and excelled how to use the cameras, the switcher and even helped take apart the sound boards and cameras. When you make yourself available to God He’ll download you with the How-To’s, and it’s not only a blessing to those you’re helping but for you as well. Like in Matthew 10:41, ‘Serve a prophet/righteous man and get the rewards of a prophet/righteous man.’ Complacency: When I had everything going for me again, I had favor, and everything was being provide for, I don’t know why but I thought to myself ‘I don’t see anything happing in my life,’ and something began to creep in ‘complacency’. I began to get comfortable where I was and too familiar with everything and I allowed myself to get bored. I went through a period of a month or two of where I literally stopped growing, I wasn’t in my word as much, I was still serving but felt worn out and tired, and weary in serving, because I wasn’t getting filled up. I was in the flesh which was an open door I started complaining in my heart and ministry wasn’t as exciting as before and I allowed fear to creep in again, I was afraid to pray for people and be used by God cause ‘I just couldn’t do it and I don’t know what to say’. I wasn’t being broken in His presence anymore and had no intimacy with Him, I went from hot to lukewarm. It takes no effort to be in the flesh, but everything you have to stay up and in the Spirit, and I just wasn’t doing my part. Apostle Ruth would say ‘If you’re not going forward, then you’re falling back cause there’s no staying still’, it’s so true cause God’s moving so fast in the ministry and the devils trying to catch up, so when you stop the devil gets a hold of you and its 7x worse and he brings you down. And the worst part, I noticed to since I was the only one standing in the gap for my family, whenever I grew back or went down, so did they. So when I was out all of my cousins and family were out, and I had no favor. I felt it.

You know when you’re not where you need to be, you just feel stuck. All the condemnation that’s not of God starts rolling back in and the guilt of the devil telling me ‘I can’t do it anymore, and I’m going to get cut off, God can’t use me anymore’. I knew I was beginning to struggle but Apostle Ruth wasn’t praying for me! And I know that when I have anything in my heart, there’s a wall between her and I, because the Spirit and the flesh can’t be one. I knew she knew, but why isn’t anyone saying anything? Why… Cause I’m not a baby anymore and I know better and I know what I’m supposed to do. So I finally reached out and got the loving rebuke from God and Apostle’s that I needed that set me off onto repenting for being complacency, getting delivered, and then (here’s the part that a lot of people miss) turning away from it completely and getting filled up and then walking in it! Keep my guard up: Every day I have to keep walking in my deliverances, have my guard up and armor on, if not especially around my family. Though yes they were supporting me in the ministry they would still be used by the devil to bring me out. Every time there was a family function or something going on I would always end up getting drained from it, almost every other weekend something was jumping on me.

Even though at this point they started recognizing me a women of God, they’d come to me for prayer and guidance, Praise God!, but I’d let my emotions in or be moved by their emotions and now I’m jumping in the pit with them and babysitting those demons rather then what actually helping them by releasing them to God. People will start to see the God in you and want you and not God cause with God they have to change, so they’ll try to go thru you. The hardest word for me was ‘No’. But even ‘No’ is an anointed answer. You don’t want to be somewhere you’re not supposed to be especially when you know that they’re disobedient or God is dealing with those people cause when judgment falls on them it’ll fall on you to. So I’d have to pray when to hang out with them and when not to, even the simplest of things like going out to lunch, is it profitable? Giving up for God: I had booked 4 cruises with my family previously before starting discipleship, and they were coming up. 28 days in Europe, I was so excited! Yet I didn’t have peace about it anymore, and I didn’t want to ask Apostle Ruth or God because I was afraid I was going to hear something that I didn’t want to hear. Yet God was speaking to me, there’s no shutting up God! He gave me passages from Jonah and A.I. and I thought oh great I’m going to get thrown off the ship! My flesh was battling, everything’s already been paid for and I can minister to my parents, I was telling God. But what’s more important a cruise or being a part of what God’s about to do, who knows what I’d miss! ‘Do you love me more then these?’ I’d here Jesus say to me. It wasn’t easy, when I finally decided I wasn’t going because God said it wasn’t profitable, now I had to tell my parents who were really excited about us going and spending time together. But God is faithful and always provides a way of escape. He said that it was going to come out of the mouth of my mom and sure enough she approached me a few weeks before the cruise was to depart and she said if I don’t want to go to let her know so money wouldn’t be wasted on my plane tickets – that was my open door! They were really upset with me, I even had my aunts calling me asking why I’m not going and how God told them I need go.

Sure enough the time I would have been gone Shiloh experienced an amazing breakthrough and fulfillment for the apostles’ of words spoken over them 20+ years prior. God reassured me, everything we give up to God He will surely replace 100x. So I gave up my cruise to God and dreams to travel the world because I know that in His timing I’ll be doing it all for Him and His glory. It’s been spoken over me time after time and I believe it with all of my heart and He’s shown me as well. Already for God I’ve traveled to Mexico, Hawaii, Arizona and even Vegas and now the Philippines and I know it’s only the beginning and that God’s opening up the nations for Shiloh and His people who are willing to wait on Him and go through the process of God perfecting us and developing the Godly character in us, and that’s easily said than done. I’ve seen it all too often at Shiloh, so many people come and go cause they aren’t willing to let God change them, and they miss it, but those that are are in for a reward, not just in heaven but here on earth, unbelievable blessing and supernatural favor and fulfillment, prosperity, and fame. Fulfillment of my family: The biggest thing I’d like to see is my family serving God in the fullness. God's been saying that all of our family are coming in and God’s truly been doing a work in them, my mother, stepdad, father, sister, brother and all of my aunts and uncles and cousins have come in and been touched by God. He showed me all of my family coming in and being on fire for God and walking in the fullness. And when my sister first came to Shiloh, Pastor Ruth gave me the mic and told me to go up on stage and worship, and when I did I saw my sister just sitting there, she's not use worship that has everyone up and dancing, we grew up in an extremely dead, religious church.

I started to get touch and it hit me, oh my God, this is what I saw, when I first started coming to Shiloh, God showed me that my sister would be here, serving God. And man I was struggling that week. God's was redefining my definition of "pushing in", because all I thought I had to do is show up to church and I say that's pushing in, but I'm just there physically and not spiritually. But I thank God even though when I’m struggling and not faithful, He is faithful and He showed me a glimpse of what is to come to help me overcome my struggles in that moment. It was so hard to get her to come and she told me she was only going to stay for 10 minutes, she stayed for almost two hours and I know she got touch and got prayed for, so I know this is only the beginning and God was just showing me that it’s here. He's putting all of the impossible cases in our families in the front! Same with all of my family now, they all call for prayer, things are hitting the fan and Gods going to allow it to break them. But as for now I can’t focus on the promise but the One who make them – God! Being in the House: Everyone living and at the apostle’s home every day are an answered prayer. God’s brought us all together – we’re a spiritual family.

All of us are from different backgrounds and nations and yet united for His heavenly purpose. God’s raised us up as a model family, so that the world can see that everyone can be different but still united and truly loving one another and not just tolerating each other. It’s amazing there is always such an abundance, even with 13 people in the house, the refrigerator is always packed with food and there is never lack in the home just overflow of blessings in everything. Apostles have completely opened up their home and their lives to us all. We are truly blessed to be apart of what God is doing right now especially apart of the vision God gave our apostles, we’re apart of and see everything that goes on behind the scenes in their home. Most people just see the glamour of the ministry, but we see the sacrifices and everything that’s been given up to be where they are today. The higher we go with God, the more we have to give up of ourselves, and it’s not easy by any means, but is so worth it. In Luke 12:48 it says ‘For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required’. I’d be lying if I said it was easy and things are all rainbows and butterflies all of the time, but God uses those moments in our lives to perfect us all – like iron sharpens iron – we sharpen each other and have grown so much together. He is a perfect God and by His grace we can say we are perfect in Him, as individuals and as a family. But it all starts with the head of the family, which is our apostles, our spiritual parents, as they continue to be balanced in their relationship with God and one another and push in with God and leading us, going to the next level from glory to glory, we all follow. And we don’t have to take 40 years circling the wilderness to get to the Promise Land, we get the benefit of learning everything that the apostles went thru and also reap of everything they’ve been sowing the past 21 years they’ve been saved and in the ministry. And they’re not just raising us up to follow them, but they’re raising us up to lead. If this ministry was just about adding more people under them, then we’d all still be in the pew and not used even remotely close to our full potential, but instead they pour out their heart and souls to us, everything they’ve learned, mistakes they’ve made, revelations God’s given them, cause they want us to go out and multiply.

God’s brought us all here, me here, to be: healed, set free and delivered, get spirit filled, learn to serve and be humbled, then trained and raised up in God’s supernatural time and launched into my destiny as a preacher, teacher, evangelist, prophet to the nations! As I look back to the summer of 2012 and how far I’ve come now after almost two years, I’m shocked and amazed. From drug addict to a Reverend. To God be all the glory! Who knows where I’d be right now if He hadn’t intervened. I know He truly has preserved my life and spared me from so much while I was in the world for such a time as this. When I look back I can see His hand was there all along, as far away from Him as I was when I was in the world, He was right there with me the whole time, closer then I knew. I just want to thank God again, because I know that only by His grace I never got a DUI, or was raped, or got pregnant, had STDs, or had an abortion, or got into deeper addictions then where I was and wasn’t on the streets like sooooo many of my worldly friends life took them. I can’t wait to see more of Him and what He has in store for Shiloh and my personal life in these coming times. I continue to rededicate my life to Him, giving up my heart, emotions, will, desires and future. I embrace His changes and want to be a completely different person in a year from now, even tomorrow, then who I am today because I want God to continue working in me in all aspects of my life, exposing all darkness in His light and purifying and perfecting me every day as I continue growing and serving Him and through discipleship. The discipleship never ends, it’s a continuous walk with God until He returns – what a beautiful day that will be, I can only imagine.



My name is Theresa Juarez, What has discipleship done for me was the question asked: I can't begin to tell you I have been a Christian for more than 23 years. I love the Lord with all my heart. I gave up all the worldly things shortly after receiving Jesus as my Lord and savior. I was not walking in Gods total freedom holding on to hurts of unforgiveness from my past, molestation, abuse, rejections, adultery, and my brother’s life being taken by a neighbor (a lifelong friend)I would forgive over and over but it would come back up around the holidays or if I would see the person that caused that pain. I would always ask the Lord how do I forget (that was my desire). When the pastors would tell us to forgive, ask forgiveness and shake it off. I truly had come to the point that I had true forgiveness. If I ran into them on the streets I truly believe I would not have anger but compassion. And thru that healing I believe I came to a place that God has truly healed me physically and emotional. That God can begin to use me. To be able to stand up in front of others, after read and study a chapter or 2 and be able to explain what I had understood from what I read, In the streets see the need and be able to pray, offer salvation to the hurting. Being ready with confidence that I haven't always had. Through discipleship with Apostles Puredi and Ruth it has truly helped me be the person God has called me to be. Being used in the altar ministry has brought great joy to see people being set free. I could not be where I am today without the discipleship we as a family have received at Shiloh.

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